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    Mobile Payment for AirREGI to Begin Handling d Payment Provided by NTT DoCoMo From Spring 2018

    Jan 17, 2018 | Recruit

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    Mobile Payment for AirREGI, operated by Recruit Lifestyle, will start handling d Payment provided by NTT DoCoMo beginning spring 2018.

    Mobile Payment for AirREGI: an external site


    Starting in spring 2018, Recruit Lifestyle will begin handling d Payment in Mobile Payment for AirREGI in collaboration with NTT DoCoMo and VeriTrans Inc. and ECONEXT, INC, which are subsidiaries of Digital Garage Inc. and are engaged in the payment business.

    Mobile Payment for AirREGI is a mobile payment service that supports China's largest mobile payment application Alipay, a virtual currency Bitcoin, and LINE Pay, a mobile transfer and payment service by LINE. To date, Mobile Payment for AirREGI has been used in a variety of businesses, including commercial facilities, restaurants, and drugstores.

    Recruit Lifestyle will provide stores with payment services to accommodate diversifying payment methods, helping stores improve their hospitality to customers in Japan and overseas.

    Flow of the payment in store


    d Payment by NTT DoCoMo


    d Payment is a smartphone payment service that allows users to make cashless purchases by scanning barcodes or QR codes® displayed on the application screen. The service can be used at POS registers or payment terminals of d Payment member stores. Users can make payments by using a credit card*¹ or by applying accumulated “d Points” as one point for every one yen (including tax). Users earn one d Point per 200 yen spent (including tax) depending on the type of payment*².

    *1 VISA or MasterCard are accepted.

    *2 When paying with d Points, the amount of points accumulated following the transaction equals the total amount of the payment minus the amount paid with d Points.

    About Mobile Payment for AirREGI

    Mobile Payment for AirREGI is a mobile payment service that allows customers to pay by scanning a QR code. Stores only need an iPad or iPhone and an internet connection to use the service without any initial cost. Mobile Payment is compatible with the Chinese mobile payment application Alipay, virtual currency Bitcoin, and LINE Pay, a smartphone wallet service developed on the communication application LINE.

    Mobile Payment will make payments easier for foreign visitors to Japan and contribute to increased merchant sales. In addition to Mobile Payment for AirREGI, Recruit is also continuing to develop AirPAY, a convenient settlement service that accepts credit cards and electronic money.

    By supporting all types of payment methods, Recruit will continue to meet the diversified needs of customers and promote business support for stores.

    About Mobile Payment for AirREGI: an external site

    About AirPAY: an external site



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