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    AirSHIFT, a Shift Management Service that Makes Communication and Creation Easier, Will Be Available Spring 2018

    Jan 30, 2018 | Recruit

    AirSHIFT is the industry's first communication service that automatically reflects the conversation between staff and management teams to the shift chart.


    Recruit Lifestyle will begin providing AirSHIFT, a shift management service that makes communication and creation easier, in the spring of 2018.

    AirSHIFT is the first shift management service in the industry* to automatically reflect staff conversations in the shift chart, streamlining the shift management process for store and shift managers.

    *As of January 2018, according to our research.

    For more information about AirSHIFT, please visit an external site

    Background of the development of AirSHIFT

    AirSHIFT is a shift management service that simplifies shift creation, scheduling, and staff communication.
    Until now, shift management has required an average of 15 hours per month* to collect and adjust shifts, causing a considerable workload for store and shift managers. In response, we have developed AirSHIFT to streamline the process within a single service, eliminating the cumbersome work of shift management. AirSHIFT can link to the shift management application ShiftBoard, which has over 2.8 million downloads. The service allows staff to submit shift requests and check their shift assignments anytime and anywhere, eliminating the need for cumbersome communication between store managers and staff.

    Going forward, Recruit Lifestyle will continue to expand its business support services to meet store owners’ diverse needs.

    *From a survey conducted by Recruit Jobs and Macromill, Inc. (March 2013)

    ▼Workload in shift management


    Main Functions

    1. Collect shifts: 

     a. Collect work and vacation requests
     b. Automatic reminders to submit desired shifts
     c. Automatic reflection of desired shifts in the shift chart

    2. Create shifts: 

     a. Switch shift chart display between daily/weekly/half-monthly/monthly
     b. Display the number of people required by time zone
     c. Add, delete, edit, and confirm shifts. Save drafts of shifts
     d. Enter business marks and notes in the shift charts

    3. Adjust shifts:  

     a. Request staff to adjust shifts
     b. Automatic alerts for unanswered requests
     c. Message staff

    4. Share shifts :   

     a. Share shift charts with staff
     b. Download and print PDF of shift charts

    5. Manage staff: 

     a. Aggregate shift hours for each staff
     b. Manage staff by group
     c. Download staff CSV data

    Price: Paid (to be determined)

    Start of provision: Spring 2018 (date to be determined)

    The latest information will be released on the following website: an external site


    Overview of ShiftBoard in conjunction with AirSHIFT

    ShiftBoard is a smartphone application designed and operated by Recruit Jobs that allows part-time employees to manage their shifts.

    It can be used conveniently in conjunction with AirSHIFT.

    [Main Functions]

    1. Manage shifts: 

     a. Submit and confirm desired shifts 
     b. Display shifts in the calendar, and synchronize with smartphone calendar

    2. Coordinate shifts: 
     a. Apply for shift absences, changes, and substitutions 
     b. Respond to attendance requests and send messages to stores and other staff

    3. Calculate salary simply: 
     a. Automatically calculate estimated salaries based on shifts

    Price: Free

    Number of downloads: Over 2.8 million (as of January 15, 2018)

    ▼Application image of ShiftBoard



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