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    SHOEMART, a Large Shoe Store Chain, to Introduce POICHI for AirREGI, a Sales Promotion Support Application that Makes It Easy to Start Point Services, at All 36 Stores

    Jan 30, 2018 | Recruit


    POICHI for AirREGI, a sales promotion support application that makes it easy to start point services, will be introduced sequentially at all 36 SHOEMART stores, a large specialty shoe store chain operated by SHOEMART. INC. starting February 5, 2018. The application enables two common points, T-Point and Ponta, to be used at a single terminal. (For more information on the POICHI for AirREGI, please visit an external site)


    POICHI for AirREGI is a sales promotion support application currently used in restaurants, retail stores, and real estate rental stores that allows stores to easily introduce multiple common point services with a single terminal.

    Currently, there are three common points available: T-Point, Ponta, and WAON POINT. POICHI for AirREGI can be used more conveniently when linked to an existing AirREGI system, a free, easy-to-use POS register application.

    Until now, SHOEMART has provided a point service using a community-based common point card. To further improve services for customers, SHOEMART has decided to sequentially introduce POICHI for Air REGI to all of its 36 SHOEMART stores beginning February 5, 2018. This will allow SHOEMART stores to support two types of common points: T-Point and Ponta.

    Recruit will continue to introduce POICHI for AirREGI in various areas and contribute to improving the convenience of the point service.


    *POICHI is a service provided by JCB CO., Ltd. As a "point consolidation service," multiple point services can be handled in stores.

    About SHOEMART. INC.

    Company name: SHOEMART. INC.

    Location: 458 Nakahigano, Inasato-machi, Nagano-shi, Nagano

    URL: an external site

    Capital: 49.5 million yen

    Representative: Yoshikazu Okamiya, President and Representative Director

    Business activities: Development and operation of a chain of large specialty shoe stores / Development and import of footwear / EC

    About AirREGI

    AirREGI is a free and easy-to-use POS register application that allows you to perform essential cash register operations in the retail, restaurant, and service industries on your smartphones or tablets. The service launched on Nov. 19, 2013. As of the end of December 2017, the number of accounts exceeded 318,000, making it the most widely used POS register application* and leading the expansion of the mobile POS market in Japan.

    In November 2015, Recruit launched AirPAYMENT (now AirPAY), a convenient payment service that accepts cards and electronic money. All accounting operations, including order entry, credit card payment, accounting bookkeeping, and preparation of financial statements, can be completed with the service linked to AirREGI. In addition, on April 1, 2016, AirREGI became eligible for a subsidy for measures to reduce the consumption tax rate (mobile POS register system) designated by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency. Businesses eligible for the reduced consumption tax rate subsidy can apply for subsidies to purchase tablets and peripherals needed to use AirREGI. After the tax system is decided, Recruit plans to sequentially add functions that can support multiple tax rates.

    *Survey by Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd., executed by INTAGE Inc.  (as of July 2016)


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