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    Announcing Name Change of Mid-career Recruitment Scouting Tool RECRUIT AGENT CAST to Rikunabi HRTech Job-change Scout

    Mar 12, 2018 | Recruit

    Recruit Career announced today that RECRUIT AGENT CAST", a scouting tool that supports corporate recruitment, has been renamed to Rikunabi HRTech Job-change ScoutTo an external site.

    About Rikunabi HRTech Job-change Scout (formerly known as RECRUIT AGENT CAST)

    Rikunabi HRTech Job-change Scout is a recruitment support tool using artificial intelligence (AI) (pay-for-performance services). Using a large amount of accumulated matching data, AI finds and recommends candidates that match the company's human resource requirements. Users can also directly search through Recruit Agent's candidate database.

    Companies using the tool rate their interest in candidates, noting if they "want to have a face-to-face interview" or are "interested" without needing to send an email. AI learns your decision history and patterns, so recommendations become more accurate as you use the tool.

    Background of the name change

    Since the RECRUIT AGENT CAST service launched in 2016, 16,000 companies have used it in their recruiting activities.

    It has been well received by growing organizations, including small-to-medium-sized companies that have not been able to connect with human resources because of low name recognition, enabling them to meet with excellent candidates.

    To further expand “Opportunities for Life” in our corporate activities, we will continue to evolve our services under this new name and a new logo.



    (New brand logo)

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    Future Developments

    We plan to expand the service, which is currently limited to recruitment support, to include recruitment management functions under the Rikunabi HRTech brand (scheduled for this summer). The service reduces the burden of recruiting and human resource management while supporting the core business of strategic planning. Our goal is to contribute to the evolution of corporate recruitment.

    Click hereTo an external site to read the original press release.