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    AirWAIT, a Reception Management Application that Solves the Frustration of Waiting in Line, Adds Multilingual Support For the Online Order Reception Function

    Mar 29, 2018 | Recruit

    Alleviating line congestion and attracting more international customers to Japanese stores.


    Recruit Lifestyle announced today that AirWAIT, a reception management application that solves the frustration of waiting in line, has added multilingual support for the online order reception function that allows customers to wait their turn from outside the store or elsewhere. With this update, foreign visitors to Japan can request to be virtually notified when it’s their turn to enter a store or receive a service, helping stores and facilities attract foreign visitors they may have previously missed out on serving.

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    The AirWAIT online order reception function allows customers to join a waiting list and virtually check their place in line without having to visit a store or facility. This function reduces the risk of losing customers who are deterred by long lines at stores. It is also being used as a measure to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in hospital waiting rooms.

    The online order reception function is available in English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), and Korean. Foreign visitors to Japan interacting with the function will be able to easily and virtually monitor their place in line, which helps stores and commercial facilities attract more foreign visitors that they may have previously missed out on serving. The feature is also effortless to use, requiring just one button to set up. It can be used in a variety of industries popular with foreign visitors, including restaurants, shopping centers, and hotels.




    What is AirWAIT?

    AirWAIT is a reception management application that eliminates the need for paper ledgers and expensive terminals dedicated to managing customers. The easy-to-use application streamlines reception operations, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.


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