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    AirSHIFT, a Shift Management Service that Makes Communication and Creation Easier, Launches Service Today

    Apr 2, 2018 | Recruit

    To celebrate the launch of the service, it will be offered free of charge until July 31.


    Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd. announced the launch of AirSHIFT, a shift management service that makes  communication and creation easier, on April 2, 2018.

    For more information about AirSHIFT please visit an external site

    About AirSHIFT

    AirSHIFT is a shift management service that makes  communication and creation easier. Until now, shift management has required an average of 15 hours per month* to collect and adjust shifts, causing a huge workload for store managers and shift managers. In response, we have launched AirSHIFT to eliminate the cumbersome work involved in shift management and streamline the process with a single service.

    To celebrate the service’s launch, we will be holding an opening campaign that allows users to try the service for free from today until July 31, 2018, instead of the usual free trial period of the first month and the following month.

    AirSHIFT can link to the shift management application ShiftBoard, which has been downloaded over 3 million times (as of March 24, 2018). The service allows staff to submit shift requests and check their shifts anytime and anywhere, eliminating the need for cumbersome communication for store managers but also for staff.

    *The survey was conducted by Recruit Jobs and Macromill, Inc. (March 2013)


    Main Functions:

    1. Collect shifts: 

     a. Collect work requests and vacation requests
     b. Automatic reminders to submit desired shifts
     c. Automatic reflection of desired shifts in the shift chart

    2. Create shifts: 

     a. Switch shift chart display between daily/weekly/half-monthly/monthly
     b. Display the number of people required by time zone
     c. Add, delete, edit, and confirm shifts. Save drafts of shifts
     d. Enter business marks and notes in the shift chart

    3. Adjust shifts: 

     a. Request staff to adjust shifts
     b. Automatic alerts for unanswered requests

    4. Share shifts : 

     a. Share shift charts with staff
     b. Download and print PDFs of shift charts

    5. Contact via chat: 

     a. Message function with staff
     b.Reply to applications from staff

    6. Manage staff: 

     a. Aggregate shift hours for each staff
     b.Manage staff by group
     c. Download staff CSV data

    Price: Paid

    Number of users Monthly fee (excluding tax)
    1 to 10 staffs 1,000 yen
    11 to 15 staffs 2,000 yen
    16 to 20 staffs 3,000 yen
    21 to 25 staffs 4,000 yen
    26 to 30 staffs 5,000 yen
    31 to 35 staffs 6,000 yen
    36 to 40 staffs 7,000 yen
    41 to 45 staffs 8,000 yen
    46 to 50 staffs 9,000 yen
    51 or more staffs Please contact

    Open Anniversary Campaign Period:.

    April 2, 2018 - July 31, 2018

    *You will not be billed automatically after this period.

      Please be assured that you will be billed upon application.

    How to apply: 

    • Register for an AirID (account) by entering the necessary information from [Account Registration] on the website: an external site

    If you already have an AirID from another Air service, you do not need to register.

    ShiftBoard can link to AirSHIFT

    ShiftBoard is a smartphone application (available for iOS and Android) for part-time workers to manage their shifts and calculate payroll. As of March 24, 2018, it has been downloaded more than 3 million times.
    Conveniently use it by linking with AirSHIFT.

    Main functions:

    1. Shift management: Input and display of shifts and synchronization with smartphone calendars.

    2. Simple salary calculation: Calculate estimated salary, check affected taxes and insurance premiums, and manage monthly income pace management.

    Functions that can be used in conjunction with AirSHIFT:

    3. Submit shifts: Submit desired shifts and check confirmed shifts.

    4. Adjust shifts: Submit requests for missed, changed, or replaced shifts. Respond to attendance requests and send messages to stores and other staff.

    Price: Free

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