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    Recruit Lifestyle to Launch AirREGI Starter Pack Which Includes an IPad, Peripherals, and an Instruction Manual

    Jun 11, 2018 | Recruit

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    Today, a free and easy-to-use POS register application, operated by Recruit Lifestyle, announced that it will begin pre-sales for the AirREGI Starter Pack on Ponpare Mall. The AirREGI Starter Pack consists of an iPad, peripherals, and an instruction manual that are intended to speed up AirREGI setup and deployment.

    The AirREGI Starter Pack will also be available at the AirREGI Service Counter in Bic Camera starting this summer.

    For more information on the AirREGI Starter Pack, please visit an external site


    About 75% of clients were worried about device selection and setup before introducing AirREGI

    A customer satisfaction survey which AirREGI conducted from March 2018 indicated that clients had concerns about "not knowing what to choose for peripherals" and "if the initial settings would work." Taking into account the sales data and consultations from the AirREGI Service Counter, Recruit aims to eliminate the inconvenience of introducing AirREGI by creating a single package that includes the necessary iPad, peripherals, and an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

    About 80% of clients have not taken any measures to prepare for the reduced tax rate or were unaware of the subsidy system

    Recruit conducted an awareness survey* of store managers, owners of small and medium-sized companies, and sole proprietors in the restaurant and retail industries regarding the reduced tax rate system and consumption tax hike scheduled to take effect in October 2019. In the survey, 51.3% of respondents answered that they do not know about the reduced tax rate system (as of June 6, 2018), and 81.6% said they are unaware of subsidies for reduced tax rate measures. When asked when they plan to start preparing for the consumption tax hike and reduced tax rate, 77.8% of the respondents said they hadn’t decided when to start," suggesting that many businesses will need to prepare quickly.

    It will soon become necessary to introduce cash registers that support multiple tax rates, and to modify the system to prepare for the tax hike. The AirREGI Starter Pack provides all the required items. It can also be introduced at a reduced cost because it is eligible for the subsidy for reduced tax rate measures designated by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency. After the tax system is decided, functions to support multiple taxes will be added sequentially and accessible by updating the application.

    (*¹) Research by Recruit Lifestyle, conducted by INTAGE Inc. (as of June 6, 2018; n=1001)

    Overview of the AirREGI Starter Pack

    The AirREGI Starter Pack enables users to start using the AirREGI with just one package, including an iPad, cash drawer, and receipt printer. By subscribing to the maintenance support option, clients can receive support in case of trouble such as equipment failure.


    ▲The Star Micronics mPOP set (photo) with built-in printer and the SII receipt printer set with separate drawer and printer are available in two types.

    ■ Price Plan

    The AirREGI Starter Pack includes: 

    • An iPad (32GB) 

    • Peripherals (cash drawer and receipt printer)

    • An easy-to-follow instructional manual

    • Five receipt rolls (58mm)

    • A coupon to up to 14 months for Yayoi Accounting Online

    • A downloadable manual for starting and running a business


    (*¹) If you already have an iPad, you can choose not to use it.

    This product is eligible for subsidies for reduced tax rate measures.

    The price does not include tax.

    (*²) SII is an abbreviation for Seiko Instruments Inc.

    ■ Maintenance support options

    • If equipment fails, a new product will be delivered as many times as necessary on the same day of notification.

    • Up to 100,000 yen will be paid for each accident.

    • Maintenance support desk responds to equipment failures and inquiries about AirREGI

    AirREGI Starter Pack will be available for pre-sale at Ponpare MallTo an external site.  It will also be available at Bic Camera's AirREGI Service Counter from this summer.

    About AirREGI

    AirREGI is a free and easy-to-use POS register application that performs essential cash register operations for retailers, restaurants, and various service businesses, using smartphones and tablets. AirREGI was launched on November 19, 2013. As of the end of March 2018, the number of accounts exceeded 33.3 million, making it the No. 1 POS register application* in terms of the number of stores using it and leading the expansion of the mobile POS market in Japan.

    *Research by Recruit Lifestyle, conducted by INTAGE Inc. (as of January 2018)


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