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    Recruit Lifestyle, the Operator of AirREGI, the Most Widely Used Free POS Register Application, and USEN, Which Has Nationwide Client Network of Approximately 620,000 Stores, Form a Business Alliance

    Aug 23, 2018 | Recruit

    Improve labor productivity and digitalization among SMEs

    air180823 003air

    Today, Recruit Lifestyle and USEN Corporation have announced a partnership to strengthen their businesses to improve the labor productivity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and promote digitalization. Along with this, Recruit Co., Ltd., the intermediate holding company of Recruit Holdings, and USEN-NEXT HOLDINGS have signed a business alliance agreement.

    Outline of the business alliance

    The business support solutions operated by Recruit Lifestyle, such as the free and easy to use POS register application AirREGI, the AirREGI Handy order entry system that supports ordering and serving operations, and the AirPAY convenient payment service that supports the use of both credit cards and electronic money, are currently being introduced by restaurants, beauty salons, and retail stores across Japan.

    To date, more than 2,000 sales staff at 50 locations nationwide and AirREGI Service Counters opened at Bic Camera stores nationwide have been providing guidance and support to stores at the time of introduction. In order to strengthen the system to provide the Air Series to as many stores as possible, Recruit will start collaborating with USEN in FY2018.

    Background, Values provided to stores
    Promote digitalization of SMEs that need to improve their labor productivity

    The business environment surrounding store management is becoming more complex, and the workload is only increasing as labor shortages worsen, taxes increase, and payment methods diversify. On the other hand, digitalization has lagged behind, especially among SMEs, due to "high cost" and "lack of time and expertise" when introducing IT systems to improve efficiency. By increasing the number of opportunities to offer the Air Series, Recruit will promote digitalization and help create an environment where more businesses can focus on creating their unique stores.

    Solving the inconvenience and anxiety of stores

    Through the customer satisfaction survey conducted by AirREGI and the AirREGI Service Counters located in Bic Camera stores nationwide, Recruit recognized that stores have inconveniences and concerns about the initial setup and support. For stores to use AirREGI Handy smoothly, it is necessary to provide detailed support, including an initial setup of device connection and menu, installation of network environments such as in-store Wi-Fi, staff training, and rush support in case of any problems. Recruit has continued to study a nationwide support system to address these concerns.

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    Development and sales capabilities for business and management support solutions including AirREGI and AirPAY

    The Air series, including AirREGI,  the most widely used free POS register application, and AirPAY, a payment service for stores that accept cards, electronic money, QR codes, and points, provides various business and management support solutions from accounting to settlement, sales promotion, and attendance.

    With over 2,000 sales staff at 50 locations nationwide, Recruit’s strength lies in proposal-based marketing that analyzes vast amounts of data collected from our broad customer base and solid business foundation.

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    1,000 sales staff + 750 engineers
    Ability to develop 620,000 member stores and new stores nationwide

    In addition to the music distribution service for businesses, which has the No. 1 share in Japan, USEN provides IoT/ICT facilities for stores, including lines and Wi-Fi and insurance, and energy businesses. USEN also has a nationwide client network of approximately 620,000 stores and has supported tens of thousands of people who want to open their own businesses through our "Business Startup Support Seminar." With over 1,000 sales representatives and 750 engineers at 150 locations nationwide USEN has a high level of expertise in initial installation work, on-site maintenance support, and in-store network environment construction.

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    What can be achieved through this collaboration

    Through this initiative, both companies will provide each other's services to their customers to address the store’s issues. Specifically, Recruit Lifestyle will provide information on USEN's internet equipment and background music services. USEN will also introduce some of the Air Series to its member stores and newly opened stores nationwide.

    Initially, the following services are planned:

    air180823 002

    Outline of services

    Free and Easy-To-Use POS Register Application

    air180823 003air

    AirREGI is a free and easy-to-use POS register application that performs essential cash register operations for retailers, restaurants, and various service businesses, using smartphones and tablets. AirREGI was launched on November 19, 2013. As of the end of March 2018, the number of accounts exceeded 33.3 million, making it the No. 1 POS register application* in terms of the number of stores using it and leading the expansion of the mobile POS market in Japan.

    *Research by Recruit Lifestyle, conducted by INTAGE Inc. (as of January 2018)

    Order entry systems support ordering and serving operations

    air180823 003han

    AirREGI Handy is an order entry system that supports ordering and serving operations that have traditionally used paper slips. The service will be available in spring 2018 and can be used by anyone with an iPod touch and a kitchen printer. It also includes a "recommendation assist" function that allows even new staff members to suggest recommended menu items, helping to streamline restaurant operations without incurring training costs, all while improving customer satisfaction.

    A convenient payment service accepts credit cards and electronic money

    air180823 003pay

    AirPAY is a payment service that allows customers to use six major international credit card brands, nine types of nationwide transportation e-money such as Suica and PASMO, and Apple Pay with just one iPhone or iPad and a card reader. Recruit will continue to respond to the diversifying needs of our customers by providing all-in-one support for all types of payment methods.

    A settlement service attracts foreign visitors to Japan

    air180823 003mob

    Mobile Payment for AirREGI is a mobile payment service that allows customers to complete payments by reading the QR code presented. Stores only need an iPad or iPhone and internet access to use the service with no initial cost. The service is compatible with  Alipay (a Chinese mobile payment application), WeChat Pay, LINE Pay, and d-payment.

    Sales promotion support app to start a point program

    air180823 003poi

    POICHI for AirREGI is a sales promotion support application that allows customers to easily start using points with just an iPad or iPhone and a card reader. It currently supports three common point services: T Point, Ponta, and WAON POINT.

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