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    Free and Easy-To-Use POS Register Application AirREGI Released New Feature

    Apr 18, 2019 | Recruit

    "Setting Screen for Reduced Tax Rate" reflecting the voices of stores was released today. Small and medium-sized stores can easily prepare in advance for the tax increase on October 1.

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    Recruit Lifestyle. has started today providing a "setting screen for reduced tax rate" on its free and easy-to-use POS register application AirREGI. The application will enable smooth support for the consumption tax increase and reduced tax rate starting October 1.

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    Background of Development

    To enable small and medium-sized stores to smoothly respond to reduced tax rates

    From October 1 of this year, a reduced tax rate system will be implemented in conjunction with the consumption tax increase. With the introduction of multiple tax rates for the first time in Japan the accounting scene will change dramatically in retail, restaurant, and service industries. Stores will need to set an applicable tax rate for each product and a new price after October 1 to prepare for the tax rate reduction. If the correct tax rate is not set, customers may have to wait for accurate accounting, and sales may be damaged. AirREGI has been supporting store owners in creating their stores by reducing workloads related to accounting. For stores to be ready for the reduced tax rate, they will need to set up the system six months in advance so that stores can greet October 1 smoothly and without confusion.

    To reduce "time, effort, and cost" so that stores can easily prepare

    An awareness survey was conducted by AirREGI at the end of November last year among owners and managers of small-scale (less than 5) stores . According to the survey, 43.6% of the respondents answered that they were aware of the need to prepare for the tax rate reduction, but were not doing so because it takes  time, effort, and costs. This shows the current  labor shortage and the high burden of making preparations in parallel with daily store operations. For this reason, we focused on minimizing the time and effort required for store preparation. After completing the necessary settings on a screen designed for ease of use, stores can welcome October 1 by simply updating the application. In addition, AirREGI, basic cash register functions are free of charge, and subsidies cover the necessary peripherals for reduced tax rates, so the cost burden is also reduced.

    Approach of AirREGI and benefits for stores

    • Pursuing ease through repeated interviews with stores

    For stores to comply with the consumption tax increase and reduced tax rate system, it is necessary to pre-emptively set the applicable tax rate (standard tax rate: 10%, reduced tax rate: 8%) for each product and the new price after October 1. From last fall to this spring, we have made these settings easier by having owners and store managers involved in cash register operations use the system we developed and applying the input we received. Stores that have recently used the completed version of the software have commented that they can operate the software intuitively, without an instruction manual, and  welcome the tax increase with peace of mind.


    "Setting screen for reduced tax rate support" that reflects the voices of stores

    • With AirPAY, you can handle cashless payment as well

    If you introduce AirPAY, you can also handle the “The Point Reward Project for Consumers using Cashless Payment”that will be implemented on the same day (October 1). The project is a measure to equalize the consumption tax increase, and with AirREGI and AirPAY, you can easily handle the reduced tax rate system and cashless payments.

    Points reflecting stores’ feedback

    Easy to set applicable tax rate for each product

    • Stores with only 10% (standard) tax rate do not need to do anything

    Stores that only use the 10% standard tax rate, such as retail stores that do not sell food and beverage products and restaurants that do not offer take-out, do not need to make any adjustments. The tax rate will be automatically changed to 10% on October 1.

    • Stores with only 8%(reduced) tax rate are ready for batch editing (Figure ①)

    For stores whose products are all subject to the reduced tax rate, the tax rate can be changed in bulk. All can be set to 8% at once, and the change will be automatically reflected on October 1.

    • For stores with multiple tax rates, pull-down selection completes preparation (Figure ②)

    For stores where both the 10% (standard) tax rate and the 8% (reduced) tax rate are used, the applicable tax rate for each product can be set from three patterns: the 10% (standard) tax rate,  the 8% (reduced) tax rate, and "select at the time of order" by simply selecting the pull-down option. Each product category can also be edited in bulk, and the settings will be reflected as they are set on October 1.

    New prices after October 1 can be set in advance (Figure ④)

    The new price can be set  next to the current price, and while checking the current price on an iPad or a PC. If you set the price in advance, it will be reflected on October 1.

    Simple eat-in and take-out settings (Figures ③ and ⑤)

    It is possible to register both the 10% (standard) tax rate and the 8% (reduced) tax rate prices for a single product. In the case of internal tax, each internal tax price can be set. By doing so, the number of product registrations can be kept to a minimum, and sudden changes, such as "I want to change to take-out" just before a check, can be handled immediately. In addition, the names of eat-in and take-out items can be freely changed to match the name of the store.



    About AirREGI

    AirREGI is a free and easy-to-use POS register application that allows you to perform essential cash register operations in the retail, restaurant, and service industries on your iPad or iPhone. The service was launched on November 19, 2013. As of the end of December 2018, the number of accounts exceeded 381,000, making it the No. 1 POS register application regarding the number of stores using it* and leading the expansion of the mobile POS market in Japan. It also supports the reduced tax rate system that will be implemented on October 1. As long as the necessary settings are completed, AirREGI can support multiple tax rates with a single app update.


    *Survey by Recruit Lifestyle with Intage Corporation (as of January 2018)

    About AirPAY

    AirPAY is a payment service that can use credit cards, electronic money, QR codes, or points. AirPAY supports six major international credit card brands, nine types of nationwide transportation electronic money such as Suica and PASMO, as well as Apple Pay and other payment methods.

    AirPAY supports the industry's largest number of payment methods, with 25 in total. As for optional services, AirPAY supports Alipay, the largest mobile payment app in China, WeChat Pay, as well as domestic services such as LINE Pay, d Barai, which supports PayPay. It also handles AirPAY Points which can be used for T POINT, Ponta, and WAON POINT. All of the methods can be used with either an iPad or iPhone and a dedicated card reader.


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