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    AirPAY to Begin Handling dPOINT in April 2020 With 29 types, the service supports the industry’s largest number of payment methods.

    Jan 30, 2020 | Recruit

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    Recruit Lifestyle announced today that in April 2020, AirPAY, a payment service for stores that accept cards, e-money, QR, and points, will begin accepting dPOINT, a common point service operated by NTT DoCoMo.

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    Outline and background of the initiative

    AirPAY will now handle dPOINT in addition to DoCoMo’s smartphone payment service d-payment®, which has been supported since 2018. As a result, AirPAY Point, a sales promotion support app that allows users to start earning points as an optional service of AirPAY, will offer up to four common point services: T POINT, Ponta, WAON POINT, and dPOINT. AirPAY now supports 29 payment methods, the highest level in the industry.

    According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s (METI) "Cashless Vision," , Japan aims to increase the cashless ratio from 20% to 40% by 2025, and in the future to 80%, which would make it the highest level in the world. In addition, with the launch of the "The Point Reward Project for Consumers using Cashless Payment" in October 2019, the need for cashless payments is increasing for both stores and consumers. Catering to this demand, AirPAY will contribute to increasing sales at stores and boost customer satisfaction by handling dPOINT, DoCoMo's point service. dPOINT has a nationwide membership base of approximately 72 million people (as of July 2019), ranging from young Internet users to the elderly.

    We will continue to support stores by making it easy to use any means of payment with just one AirPAY and eliminating the inconvenience of cashless payment for both stores and consumers.

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    The three values that AirPAY provides to stores

    1. Supports the industry's largest number of payment methods 

    With the launch of dPOINT, AirPAY now supports 29 payment methods, the industry’s largest.


    *AirPAY Point requires a separate application.

    2. Subsidies for terminal installation and settlement fees

    AirPAY is registered as a "cashless merchant support provider (B-type payment provider)" to provide support to stores under the "The Point Reward Project for Consumers using Cashless Payment" launched by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry in October 2019. By introducing AirPAY, you can take advantage of government subsidies.

    • Specific subsidies for AirPAY

      • Subsidy for introducing terminals: The "Cashless 0 yen Campaign" includes a free iPad and dedicated card reader. 

    • Subsidy for settlement fees

      • During the "The Point Reward Project for Consumers using Cashless Payment" period, the settlement fee, normally 3.24% or 3.74%, will be reduced to 2.16%.

    *Please note that this campaign is subject to change or termination without prior notice and may resume after termination.

    3. Smoothly handle everything from order entry to checkout by linking with AirREGI 

    By linking with AirREGI, a free and easy-to-use POS register application, you can complete the checkout by tapping the payment method. There is no need to remember different operation methods for each terminal, avoiding mistakes due to double typing.

    What is dPOINT?

    dPOINT is a point service provided by DoCoMo, and can also be used without a DoCoMo subscription.

    You can accumulate dPOINT by presenting your dPOINT Card, dCard®, dCard GOLD®, or dCard Prepaid® at d-Point participating stores, using dPAYMENT at participating stores, or paying your monthly cellphone bill.

    The accumulated dPOINT can be used as one yen per point for purchases at dPOINT member stores and dPAYMENT member stores, and can also be used to pay for monthly DoCoMo cell phone bills and model changes. an external site

    *To use dPOINT for payment at participating stores, you need to register your dPOINT user information.

    *DPayment, dCard, dCard GOLD, and dCard Prepaid are registered trademarks of NTT DoCoMo.

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    About AirPAY

    AirPAY is a payment service that can use credit cards, electronic money, QR codes, or points. It supports seven major international credit card brands, nine types of nationwide transportation e-money (such as Suica and PASMO), and mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay. AirPAY QR, an optional service for AirPAY, handles six types of QR payment services, including China's largest mobile payment apps Alipay and WeChat Pay, as well as LINE Pay, dPAYMENT, PayPay, au PAY, T Point, Ponta, and WAON POINT. In addition, AirPAY Point*1 is compatible with four common point services, including dPOINT, which will launch in April 2020. All of the methods can be used with an iPad or iPhone and a dedicated card reader.

    *1: AirPAY Point (powered by POICHI) is a sales promotion support application that works with POICHI, a point consolidation service provided by JCB Co., Ltd. This application allows users to easily start using multiple common points handled by POICHI on a single terminal.

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