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    Glassdoor Releases Inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Transparency Report 2020

    Jul 30, 2020 | Glassdoor

    Report Includes Current Employee and Leadership Demographics with Improvement Goals for 2025
    Annual Company Pay Audit Reveals No Pay Gaps Across Gender, Race/Ethnicity

    MILL VALLEY, Calif. (July 30, 2020) – GlassdoorTo an external site, the worldwide leader on insights about jobs and companies, today released its inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Transparency ReportTo an external site 2020, following up on the company’s commitmentTo an external site to leverage transparency to drive equity in the workplace and society. The report analyzed Glassdoor’s employee population and leadership data by race/ethnicity, gender and more to identify where the biggest gaps exist and establish specific goalsTo an external site and actions in order to enable Glassdoor to become more diverse and inclusive by the end of 2025. Glassdoor also released its annual pay auditTo an external site and found no statistically significant pay gaps among employees by gender or race/ethnicity.

    “Everyone collectively thrives when businesses are diverse places that welcome and nurture different perspectives and backgrounds. At Glassdoor, we want to better reflect the diverse world around us to not only affect real change in the workplace, but have an inclusive culture that sets a gold standard for all companies,” said Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor Chief Executive Officer.

    Improving Diversity at Glassdoor by 2025

    Glassdoor’s Diversity & Inclusion Transparency ReportTo an external site 2020 analyzed Glassdoor’s employee, leadership and technical and non-technical role population data by race/ethnicity and gender.  Among its findings, the report shows that Glassdoor’s global employee base is 54% men and 44% women. The company’s U.S. employee population currently has strong White (59%) and Asian (22%) representation, but its current population of Black (4%) and Hispanic or Latino (5%) employees is below these groups’ representationTo an external site generally in the U.S. In addition, Glassdoor’s senior executive teamTo an external site is 60% men and 40% women,  while the team is 80% White, 20% Asian and/or two or more races and 0% are among underrepresented groups.

    Based on this employee demographic data, Glassdoor has established priority areas to improve diversity, inclusion and belonging at the company by the end of 2025. This will be accomplished through implementing specific actions and change throughout hiring, sourcing, retaining employees and more. To view the complete demographic breakouts, methodology and specific goals, see moreTo an external site in the full report.

    No Pay Gaps

    Coinciding with the company’s report and goals for 2025, Glassdoor Economic Research released its annual company pay auditTo an external site, which revealed no statistically significant pay gaps by gender or by race/ethnicity among its U.S.-based workforce. The analysis makes an apples-to-apples comparison of employees in similar roles with comparable experience and backgrounds using an algorithm developed by Glassdoor’s Chief Economist and is consistent with the company’s prior auditsTo an external site. The algorithm is available as a free toolTo an external site for any employer aiming to identify and address pay gaps within their organization.

    Further Plans in 2020

    Glassdoor continues to infuse transparency and equity across the company and in its product. The company has committed to building new productTo an external site features that will enable and empower employee feedback and highlight employer accountability relating to diversity, inclusion and equity inside a company. Glassdoor has also announced that Community Door, its volunteering and giving program, will focus 100% of its efforts on addressing systemic barriers to employment that exist for underrepresented groups.

    For more information on Glassdoor’s commitment to diversity, transparency and equality, and to read the full Diversity & Inclusion Transparency Report, visit our Advocacy Page: an external site

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