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    Indeed’s Response to the War in Ukraine

    May 16, 2022 | Indeed

    Global job site Indeed offers support packages to refugee job seekers, employers and humanitarian orgs in the fallout from the war in Ukraine

    The Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced millions of people to flee and seek safety and possible resettlement throughout Europe. Political turmoil, policy changes and war affect people’s lives and can impact their decisions about where to live and work.

    War and persecution also drive movements of people and have the potential to impact economies and labor markets. This year millions have fled the war in UkraineTo an external site. While many refugees are still on the move and focusing on basic needs like food, shelter and stability, the repercussions of the conflict are already starting to become visible in job search patterns. Indeed has analyzed this data to guide its support for those impacted *1 .

    In addition to data analysis (see section 1), Indeed is providing support to Ukraine across four key focus areas: helping job seekers, helping employers, helping organizations providing aid to refugees, and helping Indeed employees impacted by the war (see section 2):

    1. Ukrainian language job search in Poland grows to a substantial level

    Usage of the new Ukrainian language versionTo an external site of Indeed’s site in Poland – the country that received more Ukrainian refugees than any other when the war started *2 – increased rapidly to account for around 1.5% of all job searches in the country by mid-March and has remained above 1% since then, which is a substantial share (below).

    20220516 other en01

    Almost all the Ukrainian-language searches are from mobile devices, with search locations widely distributed across Poland. The most common search phrases are “immediate start”, “work” and “Ukrainian workers”. These patterns suggest an urgent, open-ended job search.

    The insights from this data are significant: employers interested in hiring Ukrainian refugees should be open to candidates with a wide range of skills and backgrounds, who may need any job quickly, while governments should stay alert to the risks of exploitation of refugee workers who are likely to be looking for a source of income with greater urgency than the average job seeker.

    2. Indeed’s actions to support refugees

    Summarized below are some of the actions Indeed is taking as an organization to support refugees fleeing war:

    • Indeed’s parent company, Recruit Holdings, announcedTo an external site a group-wide contribution including a total amount of 1M Euro donation to address the on-going humanitarian and refugee crisis in Ukraine.

    • Recruit Holdings & Indeed have publicly denounced the invasion of Ukraine.

    • Indeed took down its Russian site and ceased all operations related to Russia in March.

    • Partnerships with Employers to understand barriers to hiring refugees, in order to identify ways Indeed can help to address.
      - Support pages set up for employers in
      FranceTo an external site, GermanyTo an external site, IrelandTo an external site, ItalyTo an external site, PolandTo an external site and the UKTo an external site with guidance on attracting and employing refugee workers.
      - Added Ukranian language support on our Poland and Germany sites.
      - Launch of a new global fund to support job postings for clients hiring refugees

    • Engagement with Governments, NGOs and humanitarian organizations to better understand specific needs, in order to develop targeted support packages.
      - Indeed has joined as a member of the
      Tent Partnership for RefugeesTo an external site which is working to mobilize the business community to improve the lives and livelihoods of over 30 million refugees forcibly displaced from their home countries.

    • Continued fundraising programs to raise money inside Indeed to support Ukrainian humanitarian efforts.
      - As part of this, the company has opened a humanitarian crisis response giving campaign for employees to donate to established global organizations that are actively responding to the war. Indeed is matching employee contributions.

    • As we expand our efforts to support Ukrainian refugees in Europe, our Social Impact team are exploring ways Indeed can support refugee populations more broadly to find work.

    Parisa Fatehi-Weeks, Senior Director Community Impact at Indeed, and internal lead on the company’s Ukrainian response working group, commented:

    “Our support falls into four key focus areas: how we help job seekers, employers, organizations providing aid to refugees, and Indeed employees impacted by the war. Our mission to help all people get jobs is the guiding principle behind every action taken. Based on our engagement with NGOs, there is a clear correlation between gainful employment and improved outcomes for refugees looking for resettlement.” *3

    She added: “We continue to be humbled by the levels of support our employees, our clients, and our partners are offering to address this crisis through the lens of work, and thank them for their continued efforts.”

    Yaron Schwartz, US lead for the Tent Partnership for Refugees, said: “With conflicts and crises unfolding in Afghanistan, Syria, Venezuela, and now Ukraine, Indeed is stepping up for refugees at such a critical time. We know that refugees make loyal, committed, and hard-working employees, and through leveraging its platform, resources and people, Indeed will be able to significantly support the professional development and careers of refugees worldwide. We are thrilled to welcome Indeed to the Tent Partnership, and we look forward to working together to advance the economic integration of refugees around the world.”

    Notes to Editor

    *1 Source: Indeed Hiring Lab European Mobility Report (due to be published in May 2022)
    Source: The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) To an external site
    *3 Source: UNHCR

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