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    AirWORK Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in Collaboration with the Japan Trucking Association — Digitalizing Recruiting Operations and Enhancing Employment Matching in the Trucking Industry

    Jun 15, 2022 | Recruit

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    Starting today, Recruit and the Japan Trucking Association (JTA) will collaborate with the common aim of promoting employment opportunities in the trucking industry. By utilizing Recruit’s AirWORK ATS platform, we will work together to provide employment support for JTA member companies. We hope to create a point of contact between job seekers and job vacancy information in a stable industry that is in high demand because of its role in social infrastructure.

    1. Background

    In response to growing staff shortages in the trucking industry, various initiatives have been implemented to improve working conditions and increase the number of younger-generation workers. Initiatives include assistance programs to help potential workers obtain a driver's license. However, the recent surge in online shoppers has caused a rapid boost in demand for logistics services, creating further challenges to procuring the necessary human resources. More than 90% of the 52,000 member companies of JTA are small to medium-sized businesses with less than 100 employees, and many of them lack a platform to share their company's job vacancy information with job seekers. There is a further barrier to digitalization as some companies lack the facilities to fully utilize the Internet in their recruitment activities and rely solely on postal services and fax machines as communication tools. To tackle these issues, we plan to take advantage of Recruit's HR Tech solutions to drive the digitalization of the entire transportation industry.

    2. Overview

    By providing a platform, an overall structure, and various kinds of support, Recruit will build the first system in the trucking industry that allows job seekers to search for work nationwide. Utilizing the AirWORK ATS platform — a system that enables businesses to recruit job seekers at no cost — Recruit will create a main landing page for JTA that links to other regional pages allowing users to search for jobs by area. This will offer job seekers one-click search options for numerous positions in the trucking industry. JTA’s landing page will also be linked to the TRUCK GIRL website — a Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) initiative to boost the employment of women. We aim to become a service that helps women find employment in the trucking industry by providing them a comprehensive platform to search and apply for jobs.

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    Additionally, by using the AirWORK ATS platform, member companies will be able to set up their own recruitment websites free of charge, allowing them to recruit job seekers with minimal time and expense. Job seekers will also be able to apply for jobs through the job search engine Indeed, since job vacancy information on the platform will be automatically linked to the site. We believe that this system will help transportation companies strengthen their recruiting process.

    AirWORK ATS Platform

    The AirWORK ATS platform is a recruitment management service that enables businesses to easily recruit free of charge. Business owners can create their own recruiting website in as little as five minutes and start hiring immediately after creating a job listing. They can also easily contact applicants directly from the site. Once a job is created, it is automatically posted to Indeed — the world's #1 job search engine *1 — allowing businesses to reach a large number of job seekers.

    AirWORK ATS platform was launched in August 2018 and has been introduced in a wide range of industries, including food & beverage, retail, service, nursing care/welfare, construction, and transportation/logistics. We have received comments from users, such as, “We received more applications and were able to hire more people than expected, and it is free!" and "It is easy to operate and free, so we will keep using it.” Recruit will continue to support business owners to operate their businesses as they envision them and create stores that are uniquely their own.

    *1 Comscore March 2021 total number of visitors

    Japan Trucking Association (JTA)

    Trucking Associations are organized in each prefecture for the purpose of driving forward the sound development of the business, contributing to public welfare, improving the businesses’ social and economic status, and encouraging closer communication and cooperation among members. This is realized by ensuring proper operation and fair competition in the motor truck transportation business.

    Trucks are used for transporting 90% of domestic freight due to their door-to-door convenience and mobility. In particular, trucks for business play a key role in domestic logistics — they are a lifeline supporting people's lives and the economy, as they transport a wide range of products from raw materials related to the corporate production process to daily necessities for citizens. This vital industry is made up of approximately 62,000 trucking companies.

    As a trade association, Japan Trucking Association plays an important role in actively promoting measures to nurture the growth of the industry, overcome various challenges facing the industry, and foster businesses that contribute to and exist in harmony with society.

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