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    Recruit Works Institute Announces “Works Index 2021,” an Overview of Japanese Work Life in 2021

    Jun 21, 2022 | Recruit

    Recruit Works Institute has released the latest Works Index, a publication providing measurements of working life in Japan. This Institute, part of Recruit Co., Ltd., conducts research on people and organizations. The publication is based on the Japanese Panel Study of Employment (JPSED) results, an annual survey that tracks the employment status of approximately 50,000 individuals nationwide. It uses five measurements to provide visual data and independent assessments regarding employment in Japan.

    Detailed survey results (in Japanese): an external site

    About Works Index

    The Works Index utilizes visual data and assessments to provide insight into individual working lives in Japan. It uses five indicators considered necessary for individual workers to continue in their jobs: I. Job Security (Stability), II. Living Independently (Economic well-being), III. Work-life Balance (Continuity), IV. Study and Training (Development), and V. Decent Work (Health).


    • The number of long-term unemployed individuals entering the workforce and the number of people not seeking work and remaining unemployed is increasing.

    • The number of employees taking paid leave and utilizing flexible work styles — such as telework systems — are gradually becoming more prevalent.

    • Work-related learning opportunities have fallen sharply and are yet to recover to pre-pandemic levels.

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    Survey Summary

    Survey method: Internet monitor survey. Survey was conducted by monitors on a research company.
    Survey target: Men and women aged 15 and older nationwide.
    Survey period: January 6 to January 31, 2022
    Number of valid responses: 56,695
    * Beginning with the third survey, there are three types of respondents: continuing sample (respondents who have continued to respond to the survey since last year), additional sample (new respondents this year), and resurrected sample (respondents who did not respond to the 2021 survey but responded to the survey before 2020).
    ・Continuing sample: 44,605 respondents, 53,981 requests, valid response rate: 82.6%.
    ・Additional sample: 7,210 respondents, 14,367 requests, valid response rate: 50.2%.
    ・Resurrection sample: 4,880 respondents, 25,055 requests, valid response rate: 19.5%.
    * 16 of the above respondents were excluded from this year's survey because they had moved abroad.
    Survey organization: Recruit Works Institute

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