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    JR Tokai Bus introduces AirPAY QR for cashless fare payment First in the JR Bus Group

    Jan 5, 2023 | Recruit

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    The JR Tokai Bus Company will begin using Recruit's AirPAY QR service on January 11, allowing their customers to make cashless fare payments when boarding vehicles operated by JR Tokai Bus. AirPAY QR is an optional AirPAY service that supports smartphone QR code payments. By using it with AirREGI, a free and easy-to-use POS register application, and the store management assistant tool AirMATE, the company will be able to collect and analyze passenger data in a consistent manner.


    1. Overview

    From January 11, 2023, the AirPAY QR service will be introduced at 103 sites, including JR Tokai Bus vehicles and JR Highway Bus counters at Nagoya Station and Shizuoka Station. Passengers who previously had to purchase tickets using cash from the ticket vending machines on board can now make QR code payments. AirPAY QR currently supports six payment brands: Alipay, au PAY, d Payment, PayPay, Rakuten Pay, and WeChat Pay. This is the first time a cashless payment method other than IC transit cards has been introduced for fare payment on express bus routes operated by the JR Bus Group.

    The company will also begin using AirREGI and AirMATE. By using AirREGI in combination with AirPAY QR, the company can monitor revenue data for each bus, which AirMATE can then analyze in an integrated manner. AirMATE is a service that can automatically generate daily and monthly reports by totaling costs and revenues. Using these tools, the JR Tokai Bus Company can receive a daily financial summary for each vehicle.

    It is important to note that these new tools provide another option for customers; they are not replacements. Customers can continue to utilize existing reservation systems and cash payment systems.

    *1 QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated. The same applies hereafter.

    2. Background

    Supporting the needs of the bus industry by providing tools to improve operational efficiency

    A survey conducted by the Cashless Payment Promotion Office in April 2022 revealed that in 2021, the volume of QR code payment transactions in Japan reached 7.3487 trillion yen, up 70% from the previous year.

    The usage of cashless fare payment methods such as IC transit cards is steadily increasing in buses, a trend that is expected to accelerate. Cashless payment eliminates the need to break bills and is expected to reduce the waiting time when boarding and alighting. The recent rebound in the number of domestic tourists and the expected inflow of international visitors is likely to encourage more widespread usage of cashless payment methods.

    With a dramatically changing business environment affected by a shrinking labor force and shortage of drivers, soaring fuel prices, and the demand for tourism falling due to a declining birthrate and the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have an urgent need to improve their operational efficiency. Digital transformation (DX), including cashless payment, is one way to achieve this. However, it is difficult to promote these systems as it entails undertaking complex manual tasks and high initial costs.

    By utilizing Air BusinessTools, businesses can become more efficient by seamlessly facilitating tasks such as ticket purchase and payment, sales management, and analysis, all with a single AirID. JR Tokai Bus Company is the first of its kind to utilize multiple Air BusinessTools. We will continue to support transportation business and other businesses needing to adopt cashless payment systems and improve their operational efficiency.

    3. AirPAY

    AirPAY is a store payment service for stores that supports credit cards, electronic money, QR codes, and points. It can handle 36 types of payment methods by using a single card reader and an iPad or iPhone.

    Recruit launched the service in October 2015, and as of September 2022, the number of affiliated stores exceeded 329,000*¹. It was also ranked number one*² for user satisfaction among in-store payment services. The number of affiliated stores in Japan continues to grow across a broad range of industries: beauty, dining, retail, and services, as well as via comprehensive collaboration agreements with local governments.

    Furthermore, if it is used together with the free, easy-to-use POS cash register app AirREGI, all that is required at the time of purchase is to tap to select the payment method, making the process even easier. There is no need to remember different procedures for each payment method, which reduces mistakes at the register caused by having to repeat procedures.

    We will continue to support business owners in operating their businesses as they envision them and creating stores that are uniquely their own.

    *1 In-house survey
    *2 Surveying body: Recruit Co., Ltd.、Survey agency: Intage Inc. (as of September 1, 2021)

    Product being surveyed: Cashless payment terminals available at stores in Japan (multi-payment)

    Survey target: Restaurants, retailers, and service businesses already using the product. For facilities, the survey targets individuals involved in the decision to implement the product or users of the product. (2,003 person)

    4. JR Tokai Bus Company

    The JR Tokai Bus Company is headquartered in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture and operates express bus services from Aichi and Shizuoka to the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kansai region and charters bus services in Aichi and Shizuoka prefectures. It is also involved in industries such as insurance and automobile leasing. Based on its corporate philosophy to provide safe, reliable, and comfortable bus services, the company aims to be a trusted and favored bus operator. an external site

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