Our Strengths

The key strength of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries ("the Recruit Group") is that we operate a number of platforms and services that provide vast information from our clients, and we are widely recognized and frequently accessed by many users. Our services offer a wide range of information about life events such as pursuing a college degree, finding jobs, selecting a wedding venue, and purchasing a house or an automobile, and also about lifestyles such as choosing travel destinations, restaurants and beauty salons, and purchasing various kinds of goods.

HR Technology Business (HR Technology SBU)

indeed (Job search engine),glassdoor (Job search engine)

Media & Solutions Business (Media & Solutions SBU)

SUUMO (Housing and real estate), Zexy (Bridal), Study Supli (Post-secondary education), Car Sensor (Automobiles), Jalan (Travel), Hot Pepper (Dining), Hot Pepper Beauty (Beauty), AirREGI (Business support service), Rikunabi (Job search for new graduates), Rikunabi Next (Job search for professionals), Recruit Agent (Placement services), from A navi (Local job listing
website and magazine), Town Work (Local job listing website
and magazine)

Staffing Business (Staffing SBU)

Recruit Staffing (Japan), Staff Service Group (Japan), usg people (Overseas), Chandler Macleod Group Limited (Overseas)