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HR Technology

US Market for Online Recruitment Has Been Growing

The online HR recruitment market in the US has a growth rate similar to the overall GDP growth rate. In the event a moderate economic growth trend continues with a consumer spending growth, we would expect this to support further growth in the US online HR recruitment market.

US GDP(Real)Growth Results and Forecast

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Housing and Real Estate

New Housing Construction on Track for Recovery

New housing construction starts, one of the indicators for the housing market, was 974,137 units in fiscal year 2016,an increase of 5.8% from the previous year.This market has trended upward since fiscal year 2015, after it dropped in fiscal year 2014 for the first time in five years due to the last-minute surge in demand before the consumption tax hike in Apr. 2014.

New Housing Construction Starts in Japan/Year-on-Year Growth Rate


Despite Shrinking Number of Marrying Couples,Spending for Weddings Continues at High Level

There are two indicators for the Japanese bridal market:the annual number of marrying couples and per-couple bridal-related spending.Due to the impact of the declining birthrate, there has been a gradual decline in the number of marrying couples and couples holding wedding receptions. Although this trend is forecast to continue going forward, spending on ceremonies has continued to increase in recent years and remains at a high level.Such conditions have resulted in vigorous competition among those who engage in bridal business by offering new facilities and developing new services to meet usersʼ various needs.

Bridal Industry Trends in Japan


Recorded High Numbers of Foreign Tourists and Occupancy Rates and Room Rates Are on Rising Trends

In 2016, the total guest nights in Japan slightly went down compared to the previous year, mainly due to shorter holiday periods, earthquakes in Kumamoto Prefecture, bad weather and other factors.However, the total guest nights of foreign visitors continued to increase, hitting a record high thanks to the weaker yen.Occupancy rates foraccommodation facilities in Japan remained on an uptrend,and room rates have continued to increase gradually.

Amid such a business environment, the online travel reservation market is expanding according to the rise in the Internet penetration rate. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

Total Guest Nights in Japan


The Restaurant Industry Is Shrinking but the Market for Attracting Customers and Making Reservations Continues to Grow

The restaurant industry has remained flat over the past few years due to a prolonging stagnation restraining consumer spending, and a 2016 survey implemented in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka areas showed that the total number of times people dined out and the amount spent dining out had both declined compared to the previous year.

As the Japanese population gradually declines, so will the restaurant industry over the long term. Nevertheless, considering factors such as widespread Internet usage and increasingly sophisticated online reservation services, the market for acquiring customers and making reservations online is expected to grow.

Trends in the Dining Out Market in Japan


The Online Beauty Reservation Market Is Expected to Expand

While the overall hairdressing market trends around ¥2.0 trillion in Japan, the market for online salon reservation services has continued to expand, driven not only by the Internet penetration, but also by a promotion of Hot Pepper Beautyʼs online reservation service. Our own estimates reveal that the percentage of online reservations has been rising since 2010, with room for further expansion.

Hairdressing Market

Domestic Recruiting

Japanese Hiring Market is Continuously Expanding while the Ratio of Job Offers to Applicants Remains at a High Level

The ratio of job offers to applicants, a key indicator of employment trends in Japan, is affected by business cycles. The current market has been quite robust, and is expected to continuously expand until the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, although it may fluctuate depending on the shortterm changes in business cycles. As of Jun. 30, 2017, the ratio of job offers to applicants was 1.51 and the market continues to expand.

Ratio of Job Offers to Applicants in Japan


Domestic Staffing

The Domestic Staffing Market Continues Its Mild Upward Trend

The staffing business in Japan is affected by the regulatory changes that require all staffing companies to comply with the Worker Dispatching Act. The staffing market tends to link to macro environments such as the GDP growth rate because temporary staffing has already penetrated the Japanese labor market. The number of people working through staffing agencies has increased year on year for 14 consecutive quarters.

Average Number of Active Agency Workers in Japan/Year-on-Year Growth Rate

Overseas Staffing

The Size of the Global Staffing Market Is Approximately ¥40 Trillion

The world staffing market is worth about ¥40 trillion, of which matured economies account for approximately 70%. Similar to Japan, overseas staffing markets reflect the performance of the macro economy and track changes in GDP.

In the global market, the staffing service penetration rate recorded an average of 1.6%. In areas we mainly operate our businesses, the rate in the US was 2.2%, Europe 1.9% and Australia 3.7%.

Global Staffing Markets