Changes in Corporate Executive Officers

Nov. 28, 2017
Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. ("Recruit Holdings" or the "Company") announces that its Board of Directors has resolved today on the changes in Corporate Executive Officers and its organizational structure.

"Recruit Holdings has built a strong management team that has allowed us to grow and streamline our operations. The promotions today of Hisayuki Idekoba, known as Deko, and Rob Zandbergen are examples of the depth of talent in our organization. Deko has successfully grown Indeed into a world-class global job site, and Rob has built USG into a premier recruiting firm. We look forward to tapping their talents and experience to further benefit Recruit and its shareholders," said Masumi Minegishi, President and CEO of the Company. "I also want to personally thank Hitoshi Motohara for successfully heading our staffing businesses for the past 14 years. Under his leadership, Recruit has become a staffing industry leader. We highly appreciate his long-term services to our group and thank him for his continuing supports during this transition."

1. Change in Organizational Structure

The Company will establish the Business Operations Division, which will manage the strategy and monitor the performance of each Strategic Business Unit (SBU), in accordance with the Group Reorganization announced on September 27, 2017.

As a result of the change, Global Online HR SBU (the HR Technology segment), Media & Solutions SBU (the Media & Solutions segment), and Global Staffing SBU (the Staffing segment) will be under the Business Operations Division.

2. Promotion

Hisayuki Idekoba will be promoted to Senior Managing Corporate Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer to lead the Business Operations Division, in addition to his role leading the Global Online HR SBU, effective January 1, 2018.

Name New Positions Current Positions
(as of November 2017)
Hisayuki Idekoba Senior Managing Corporate Executive Officer
COO, Business Operations Division
Head of Global Online HR SBU
Managing Corporate Executive Officer

Head of Global Online HR SBU

3. New Appointment

Rob Zandbergen, CEO of USG People B.V. will be appointed to Managing Corporate Executive Officer and will be responsible for the Global Staffing SBU, effective January 1, 2018.

Hitoshi Motohara, current Head of Global Staffing SBU, will step down from his role effective December 31, 2017.

Name New Positions Current Position
(as of November 2017)
Rob Zandbergen Managing Corporate Executive Officer
Head of Global Staffing SBU
CEO, Recruit Global Staffing B.V.
USG People B.V. CEO

· Global Staffing SBU will be consolidated under Recruit Global Staffing B.V. (effective January 1, 2018 (planned)).