Introduction of New Management Setup

Oct. 01, 2012
Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Recruit Group will commence a new management setup starting today.

Recruit Group commenced operations in 1960, namely 52 years ago, and has 22,000 group employees, 53 companies in Japan and 49 overseas (*). We have assisted your business and life in a wide range of business fields, ranging from human resources to sales promotion. We are delighted to inform you that from October 1, to accelerate decision-making and strive for greater user satisfaction, we will start a new group setup via a corporate separation.

The previous core business of our group, Recruit Co.,Ltd., has changed its company name to Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. and will assume responsibility for the group's headquarters function, as well as R&D and global strategy. The human resource business of Recruit Co.,Ltd. has been combined with Recruit Agent Co.,Ltd. to form Recruit Career Co.,Ltd. Similarly, Recruit Co.,Ltd.'s human resource area business has been combined with Recruit HR Marketing Inc. to form Recruit Jobs Co.,Ltd. Moreover, as all newly established independent subsidiaries, the housing business has been spun off into Recruit Sumai Company Ltd., bridal, education, automobile and other businesses into Recruit Marketing Partners Co.,Ltd., and the lifestyle consumption business into Recruit Lifestyle Co.,Ltd.

These 5 companies, together with our previously existing temporary staffing companies Recruit Staffing Co.,Ltd. and Staff Service Holdings, constitute the 7 major operating companies forming the Recruit Group.

In addition, 3 operating companies have been established to perform group support functions; namely, Recruit Administration Co.,Ltd. for administrative functions, Recruit Communications Co.,Ltd. for productions, advertisement and logistics, and Recruit Technologies Co.,Ltd., for IT and marketing technology development.

Our new logo design represents a bridge connecting your "Present" and "Future." This new group setup will serve to realize the most satisfactory results for our customers, to enable employees of Recruit Group to proactively seek solutions for our customers and clients, and to deliver our services in a speedy and adequate manner.

The new Recruit Group is looking forward to serving you in the years to come.

* Subsidiaries subject to consolidation as of June 30, 2012

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