Recruit Group supports its employees' various volunteering activities.

Volunteer Leave System (Group Companies in Japan)

In response to requests from many employees to provide support to volunteer activities, we established the system of Volunteer Leave (paid holidays for up to five days a year) in August 2011. We also provide part of the expenses required for volunteer activities in support of continuous volunteer activities of employees.

Dispatching Volunteers to Disaster-Affected Regions (Group Companies in Japan)

We dispatch volunteers to assist with the reconstruction of disaster-affected regions. We not only remove debris and rubble but also hold talks with local administrations, businesses and reconstruction assistance NPOs for ongoing support and creating new business that leads to reconstruction. These activities include the dispatch of volunteers for assisting with the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake as well as the Kumamoto Earthquake.


Volunteering Activities by Group Companies


Indeed partners with a number of organizations in the communities in which employees live and work to help bring Indeed's mission "We help people get jobs" to life. Through local service-oriented programs, Indeed employees interact directly with job seekers to provide them information on Indeed products to help improve their job search experience.

Former Recruit Sumai Company (Green Curtain)

Former Recruit Sumai Company has been conducting an initiative since 2011 to spread "green curtains", which are walls of green plants, to prevent temperature rise. In 2017, along with the NPO Green Curtain, we installed green curtains at 270 temporary housing units in Mashiki Town, Kumamoto Prefecture, an area that had been damaged by earthquakes.

Green Curtain
Green Curtain

Recruit Management Solutions (Pro Bono Activities)

Recruit Management Solutions engages in pro bono activities undertaken by its employees in cooperation with the NPO "Service Grant". In fiscal year 2017, six volunteer employees worked to create sales materials for the NPO "Kids' Door." Through these activities, they help to strengthen the operating base for the target organization while raising our own awareness of social issues.

Pro Bono Activities

CSI Companies(CSI Gives Back)

CSI Companies conduct social contribution programs for the communities in which they have business operations. The various programs include event sponsorship, volunteer activities, and fundraising.

CSI Gives Back

Staffmark Group

As a way to give back to the communities the Company serves, Staffmark Group created a volunteer program where full-time employees are given paid time off to use in volunteering activities. Staffmark team members have worked at community food banks, helped with home builds, cleaned community gardens, helped rebuild schools, and much more.