People & workplace

Recruit Group cultivates a rich variety of human resources by providing systems for capitalizing on the ideas of individual employees and by implementing measures to support diverse work styles

  • Human resources development policy

    Recruit Group believes that people are the source of value. We provide opportunities that help each employee to grow continuously with a spirit of entrepreneurship.

  • Creating innovation

    To help promote innovation, we provide frameworks and systems that make the best use of the different ideas of individual employees.

  • Diversity

    Recruit Group promotes various diversity activities towards achieving "Respect for All Individuals."

  • Employment of people with disabilities

    We create employment opportunities for individuals with various disabilities, offering them the chance to grow and to demonstrate their abilities, whatever their qualifications and skills.

  • A better workplace

    Various systems have been created to realize a comfortable workplace for each and every employee.

  • Work style innovation

    Recruit Group is actively engaged in promoting the evolution of work styles (work style innovation), such as exploring location-independent ways of working or measures to increase hourly productivity.