Employing the differently abled

Our thinking on employing the differently abled

We aim for equal participation of all Group employees.

Group companies of the Recruit Holdings Group, Recruit Staffing Group, and Staff Service Holdings are work together with special subsidiaries in employing the differently abled.

In fiscal 2014, the employment ratio for people with disabilities, on a consolidated basis, was 2.09% for Recruit Office Support, 2.08% for Recruit Staffing Crafts, and 2.14% for Staff Service Business Support, with each company exceeding the legally designated ratio of 2%.

Recruit Group special subsidiaries

Company Name Management Philosophy
Recruit Office Support By providing opportunities for all individuals to take full advantage of their abilities and fulfill their ambitions, we aim to create a society where all people are able to flourish.
Staff Service Business Support
  1. We have three goals as a staffing company for the differently abled:

    • To be a leader in placing people with disabilities.
    • To match people with optimal work environments, provide the best labor support system, and provide the highest level of service.
    • To satisfy both our clients and our employees.
  2. We are proud to provide the highest quality of staffing service as a member of the Staff Service Group.
  3. We strive to provide opportunities for each person to enjoy the pride and sense of fulfillment that comes from employment.
 Recruit Staffing Crafts Contributing to society by creating employment opportunities

We deeply respect the aspiration of people with disabilities to work, and we provide opportunities for them to apply their abilities, be involved in society, and gain independence.

Recruit Office Support
Providing the differently abled opportunities for professional growth by matching qualifications and skills

Recruit Office Support was established in February 1990 to facilitate employment for people with disabilities, becoming Japan's thirty-fourth officially recognized special subsidiary in July of the same year.

The company reached the legally designated employment ratio of people with disabilities in 1993, within three years of its establishment. It has sustained this achievement every year since (the ratio as of June 1, 2014 was 2.16%). The company's ongoing efforts have enabled the Group to meet hiring requirements for people with disabilities. In April 2011, 4 of 10 affiliated companies satisfied regulatory requirements, and following the launch of our new operating structure , the number rose to 16 companies in October 2012.

Today, over 200 Recruit Office Support employees, or 80% of company staff, carry out back-office tasks for the Group, including general office work, management of personal information and contracts, and bookkeeping.

Employees are expected to perform according to their individual skills and qualifications, regardless of whether they have a disability or the type of disability they have. Eight of 15 managerial positions are held by employees with disabilities. We also place great importance on a corporate culture where everyone can freely express their views, whether in the personnel system, during education and training, at business meetings, or at various events.

In the last few years we have broadened our scope to facilitate employment for people with immune disorders, mental health issues, and other disabilities by initiating a program in 2014 enabling employees to work from home. Going forward, we will consider new approaches to continue providing new work opportunities for people with disabilities.

Recruit Office Support (Japanese)

Recruit Staffing
New employment opportunities for people with disabilities

We established the special subsidiary Recruit Staffing Crafts in April 2008 to secure employment opportunities for people with severe learning difficulties in the field of manufacturing, where they often excel. These employees make paper by hand from recycled resources to create desktop calendars and other promotional products for Recruit Staffing and the Recruit Staffing Group.

Recruit Staffing Crafts (Japanese)

Staff Service Group
Employment for the differently abled based on the concept of normalization

We established the subsidiary Staff Service Business Support in 2000 to carry out office tasks of the Staff Holdings Group based on the concept of normalization, which refers to the idea that a normal society is one in which people with disabilities live and work in the same manner as everyone else. People with chronic illnesses are often said to have the fewest options for employment. In this area, Staff Service Business Support has been facilitating employment for people with renal impairment who require dialysis. The subsidiary also employs people with orthopedic, auditory, visual, and other impairments who are making positive contributions as employees.

Staff Service Holdings (Japanese)