Group-wide D&I initiatives

The Recruit Group has been taking various group-wide initiatives since a change of its governance structure in October 2012. Below are some of these initiatives.

Measures to Support Female Success

In 2012, we conducted an internal survey on 28-year-old female employees, which found 84% said they had some concerns or doubts about balancing their future career and private life. Based on the survey findings, we identified certain target groups and are providing specific career development support for them. These groups include young female employees struggling to balance work and private life, and the female sales force who generally lack female role models compared to other jobs.

Career Cafe 28

Career Cafe 28

We provide career development training for female employees having life events soon, and management training mainly for their supervisors.

We have a training program designed for female employees called "Career Cafe 28." There, they learn from an external lecturer on how to increase their market value by identifying and enhancing their strengths, thereby being able to have more choices for their career life in their own ways after any life event.
More than 800 participated in Career Cafe 28 between 2012 and 2019. The participants felt it allowed them to think about their career positively, as one participant said, "The program relieved my anxiety over my future career."


Eijyo College

Sales managers account for more than half of the whole manager layer in the Recruit Group. However, the percentage of female managers in sales jobs is lower than those of other job types. One of the reasons for this is that young female sales personnel have anxieties over how to balance work and family life, unable to have clear pictures of their future careers. The EIJO Cafe was launched in fiscal 2018 to address this issue. It has helped many participants to dispel anxiety about work-life balance through workshops designed to refresh their recognition of the value of working as a salesperson and panel discussions hosted by female role models.

Training at the Management Level

We have manager support programs in place as we believe educating managers is essential to help, not only female members but also all individuals in their teams to thrive and succeed at the front line.

Career Cafe 28 BOSS

Career Cafe 28 BOSS

Starting in 2015, we provide a manager training program called Career Cafe 28 BOSS for supervisors (managers) of female employees having life events soon. The training, given by external lecturers, is designed to learn the significance of female career promotion in management strategies and hands-on management tactics that help female members thrive faster. More than 700 managers have participated in the program since its launch in 2015, who gave positive feedback, such as, "As soon as I attended the training, I put into practice what I learned about communication that draws out female members' potential.
This training helped me to understand what to prioritize in staff management, so I think every single manager should take it."

The "Be a DIVER!" VR Project

Starting in fiscal 2017, we use virtual reality (VR) videos for internal manager training as a tool to deepen managers' understanding of increasingly-diversifying employees' attributes and lifestyles. The first VR video featured "balancing childcare and work." The participants have a virtual experience in VR to understand deeply about the life and sentiment of a person trying to balance childcare and work, and afterward, learn the management methodology to maximize their team performances. Since we received many inquiries about this training, we have started sharing this training outside the Group.

・This project received the Excellence Award in the learning sector at the 3rd HR Technology Awards sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. For details, see the press release (Japanese only).

Measures to Support Work Style Innovations and Work-Life Balance

We started providing work-life-balancing support in fiscal 2008 to create an environment that would allow employees with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles to make the most of their individuality and potential. We started by focusing on female staff as our primary issue back then was to allow working mothers to balance their work and family needs. Now, we are implementing various measures for all individuals regardless of gender.

Work-Life Balance Support Map

Balancing Childcare and Work

On-site daycare center And's

· On-site daycare center "And's"

In January 2008, we opened an on-site daycare center, And's, at the GranTokyo South Tower headquarters. It provides support for employees with a strong desire to progress their careers, but do not have sufficiently well-equipped childcare options, allowing them to return to work.

・Partnerships with third-party daycare centers

In response to the childcare infrastructure shortage and as part of the support for returning to work, we started forming partnerships with third-party daycare centers in April 2018, in addition to the in-house center "And's." (About 85 daycare centers are available as of April 2020.)

・"Hokatsu-No-Mikata (daycare center entry support) " - In-house consultation for parents trying to get into daycare centers

Working parents are increasingly in need of support for getting into a daycare center, notably in the Tokyo metropolitan area. In response, we set up an internal mechanism to offer optimal solutions, stationing in-house "Hokatsu-No-Mikata Counselors (daycare center entry counselors)" since fiscal 2018. ("Hokatsu-No-Mikata" literally means "being on the side of parents trying to get into a daycare center.") They identify and sort out various daycare center entrance rules that differ from municipality to municipality and propose the best way to get into a daycare center suited to each parent's needs, such as their lifestyle and the timing of returning to work. Since fiscal 2020, this mechanism and knowledge have also been shared for third parties.

・Support for male employees in childcare and housework

As a rule, employees can take up to 40 days of parental leave before the child is 12 years old. The Company also supports men's regular participation in domestic work by holding childcare seminars.

Nursing Care

· Nursing Care Hotline

We have set up a free consultation program for Group employees to discuss nursing care with specialized third-party agencies.

· In-House Support and Training

We have created a variety of resources to allow employees to inform themselves on balancing work while providing nursing care for their families. Some of the measures that have been implemented include publishing handbooks with fundamental knowledge and conducting seminars on key topics.

Sexual Minorities (LGBTQ)

・Human rights policy

As pledged in our human rights policy, we are committed to preventing discrimination and human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity. We are promoting a deeper understanding of LGBTQ encompassing all sexual minorities, and striving to create a working environment in which our LGBTQ employees feel comfortable working.

· Expanding Familial Benefits to Same-Sex Partners

We have expanded eligibility for spousal and familial benefits to same-sex partners, pursuant to the Employment Regulations.

Please see the press release for details.(Japanese)

・LGBT Hotline

In July 2019, we set up the LGBT Hotline, a consultation service provided by experienced advisors for our sexual minority employees who may have worries and concerns during work.

・LGBTQ e-Learning for all employees

We provide LGBTQ e-Learning to learn basic knowledge and communication to drive a deeper understanding and respect for sexual minorities. Consisting of four main themes, the program covers such topics as movements in Japan and around the world, corporate trends, and the voices of LGBTQ groups, in addition to basic knowledge.

・Deepening understanding internally and facilitating external networking

The Recruit Group is a member of a private organization called "work with Pride," which focuses on the LGBT friendly working environment. We also give presentations at the "work with Pride Conferences" on the subject of workplace and LGBT. Internally, we have various events and programs in place, such as training and seminars with external experts and LGBT & Ally Community set up by our LGBT employees.

For more information on work with Pride, read here (in Japanese).

Supporting Innovative Work Style Changes

Starting in 2015, we have lead the way in driving innovation in the way we work based on our central value of "Bet on Passion". We look to improve productivity and flexibility by stepping away from fixed schedules, as well as to create real social change through such measures as the effective implementation of remote working and office hot-desking.

Please see here for information on work styles.

Measures to Foster Corporate Culture

To ensure our D&I initiatives are embedded in our culture across the group, we hold information-sharing sessions with employees and various events, in addition to providing knowledge-sharing opportunities with D&I personnel from all Group companies.

Mechanism for Knowledge and Information Sharing

At the Recruit Group, every group company is undertaking autonomous D&I initiatives. We hold regular knowledge-sharing sessions for personnel in charge of D&I initiatives, an effort that is generating cross-organizational initiatives and other synergies. Since June 2018, all group employees have been receiving monthly newsletters designed to deepen their understanding and raise awareness of D&I issues and notify them of various seminars and events.

Internal Events and Seminars


With a concept entitled DIVERSITY FOR INNOVATION!, we hold various events and seminars to promote D&I as a competitive strategy that further pushes forward our creation of new values.
A total of 40 events entitled "Be a CLIMBER" and "Be a DIVER" took place in fiscal 2019. The former focused on capitalizing on diversity in driving innovation and covered such topics as unconscious bias. The latter on facilitating deeper understanding and acceptance of diversity, covering such topics as balancing work and childcare or nursing care. To reach employees far from the venue, we deliver on-demand streaming videos for most of the events, and a total of over 2,800 employees participated.

*"Group companies'' of fiscal year 2020 refers to the companies listed below. Through fiscal year 2019 includes Recruit Communications Co., Ltd.
Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd., Recruit Career Co.,Ltd., Recruit Jobs Co.,Ltd., Staff Service Holdings Co., Ltd., Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd., Recruit Sumai Company.,Ltd., Recruit Marketing Partners Co.,Ltd., Recruit Lifestyle Co.,Ltd., Recruit Co., Ltd., Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd.