Our D&I Progress

Since the launch of a dedicated department in 2006, our D&I promotion efforts have brought various changes within the Recruit Group. Below is an overview of some of such changes.

Changes Brought by Initiatives

More Female Managers

Currently, female managers represent 25.2% of all managers (as of April 2020), that is one in four managers is female. By position level, female accounted for 27.7% at the manager level (+17.4 from 2006), 19.6% at the senior manager level (+15.9 from 2006), and 11.3% at the executive officers (+6.3 from 2006) - So, the percentage increased at all levels. We will continue to enhance promotion channels and our support for self-career development by female employees.

・Read here for changes over time in the percentage of female managers.

More Working Mothers

Our full-blown support efforts started with the establishment of an in-house onsite daycare center "And's" in 2008, and today, about 28% of our female employees (more than one in four) are working mothers.
Also, more and more female managers now take maternity or parental leave, which shows our managers have better work-childcare balance. At the manager level, the number of those who took maternity or parental leave increased 2.6 times from fiscal 2013 to fiscal 2019.

WM Ratio

*Although we have conducted a periodical monitoring since October in 2012, which was at the timing of spinning off. Additionally, from 2017 we started to monitor the numbers of female managerial positions etc and the result of monitoring is reported in April.

More male employees taking parental leave

As a result of the effort to support male employees for balancing childcare and work, at Japan-based group companies, the percentage of male employees taking statutory parental leave and taking company-provided parental leave became 5.4% (+3.1 from 2015) and 64.6% (+62.6 from 2015), respectively. We will continue to encourage balancing work and childcare, regardless of gender.

*Calculated for full-time regular employees of group companies in Japan whose children were born between April 2019 and the end of March 2020.

More participants in LGBTQ e-Learning

"LGBTQ e-Learning" is a program that started in fiscal 2018, designed to provide basic knowledge and communication skills concerning sexual minorities. Initially, we offered it to managers of group companies in Japan. Although participation was voluntary, over 1,400 managers took the course and gave very positive feedback. So, in fiscal 2019, we started to provide it to all employees across the group, and currently, more than 16,000 employees are taking the course.

Compliance with the Female Career Advancement Act

The Recruit Group formulated an action plan in response to the April-1-2016 enactment of the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace. We continue to strive to become a company where each individual can make the most of their abilities and play active roles, regardless of gender.

Status in the Recruit Group

Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. monitors the status of women's success in the domestic companies of the Recruit Group while each company establishes voluntary action plans. The status of women's success in major domestic companies is as follows.

For details, see the Database on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare).

Percentage of female new recruits 44.4%
Male-to-female ratio in recruitment competition 0.8
Percentage of female employees 46.3%
Percentage of female managers *1 27.7% (446 women out of 1,608 total)
Female percentage in managerial positions 25.2% (526 women out of 2,084 total)
Percentage of female executive officers *2 11.3% (18 women out of 160 total)
Employment mode upgrades (Fixed-term → Regular) 135 men/281 women
Mid-career hires 582 men/515 women
Average length of employment Men 6.4 yrs / Women 6.2 yrs
Percentage of available parental leave taken Men 5.4%/ Women 94.3%
Percentage of available parental leave taken (male only) 64.6%
Average monthly overtime 7.0 hours
Percentage of available annual paid leave taken 69.6%
Data target *3 All of Recruit Group

As of April 1, 2020

*1 Recruit Group does not have an assistant manager position.
*2 Executive Officers refer to the officers in key group companies as well as the executive officers or equivalent in operating companies.
*3 The fixed-point data represents the total of ten Japan-based Group companies as of April 2020. The period-based data represents the total of 11 Japan-based Group companies as of fiscal 2019.

Status at Recruit Co., Ltd.

The table below shows how female employees at Recruit Co., Ltd. are doing. For more details, refer to the Database on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement* in the Workplace (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).

*Information in the link is as of April, 2020.

*All data are on regular employees, fixed-point data are as of April 2020, and period data are for fiscal 2019 unless otherwise specified.
*For detailed information including data definition, refer to the "Database on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace."

*"Group companies'' of fiscal year 2020 refers to the companies listed below. Through fiscal year 2019 includes Recruit Communications Co., Ltd.
Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd., Recruit Career Co.,Ltd., Recruit Jobs Co.,Ltd., Staff Service Holdings Co., Ltd., Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd., Recruit Sumai Company.,Ltd., Recruit Marketing Partners Co.,Ltd., Recruit Lifestyle Co.,Ltd., Recruit Co., Ltd., Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd.