International Women's Day2021

Diversity and Inclusion is helping accelerate gender equality across Recruit Group

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For a world in which everyone can #ChooseToChallenge

Happy International Women's Day!
Today and every day, we are happy to celebrate women and the leadership, perspectives, and innovations they contribute to Recruit Group.

Nearly a century has passed since the first International Women's Day, and since then, society has taken many strides forward in pursuit of gender equality. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen female premiers demonstrate strong leadership all over the world. In fact, in early 2021, the first-ever female Vice President of the United States was appointed. Compared to 100 years ago, it certainly feels like the world is heading in a better direction.

However, many barriers still stand in the way of equality. Though the past year has presented challenges for everyone, women have been disproportionately impacted: more women are facing unemployment and poverty, serving as front-line health workers, and taking responsibility for growing domestic demands such as caretaking and childcare. In many parts of the world, including Japan, being born a woman places limitations on a person's freedom to choose what they want to do.

Recruit Group's vision, mission, and values are built on the desire to contribute to a "brighter world where all individuals can live life to the fullest." In other words, we want to help create a world where you can "Follow Your Heart."
We sincerely hope that this holiday will help draw more attention to the importance of actualizing a society where every person, regardless of their gender, can access equal opportunities.

Ayano Senaha
Director of the Board, Recruit Holdings

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Ayano Senaha

CSO, CHRO, CRO, Managing Corporate Executive Officer, & Director of the Board

Ayano "Sena" Senaha has played a major role in the rapid globalization of the Company, leading and contributing to a series of post-merger integrations. In 2012, she was transferred to newly acquired Advantage Group Limited, and skillfully turned around its financial performance being appointed Managing Director in 2014. While serving as Chief of Staff at Indeed, Inc., Sena also serves as the Company's CSO, CHRO, CRO, Managing Corporate Executive Officer, and Director of the Board. She is credited with aiding the development of a business governance structure that neutralizes risks while enabling quick decision-making.

Envisioning a world with equal opportunity for all

Ratio of employees by gender

As of April 2020

Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the global economy and caused widespread unemployment.

Female workers have been particularly affected, with the service sector, including tourism and welfare industries, all of which involve face-to face interaction and traditionally employ a higher percentage of women, having faced the highest levels of unemployment.
In addition, women are overrepresented in part-time work*1 - jobs that have been heavily affected by the economic impact of the pandemic. For example, in the United States, there have been significant job losses in the fields of arts and entertainment, and in Japan, in the hospitality industry.*2

Our mission at Recruit Group is "Opportunities for Life." Under this mission, we connect people with the opportunities they need in a fast and simple manner, something increasingly difficult for current-day job seekers with the overwhelming amount of information on offer. Since our foundation, we have strived to contribute toward a better society by removing the barriers between people and these opportunities. By doing so, we create a brighter world where people are free to pursue their passions. Achieving these goals has never been more important, and we are working hard to support people during these difficult times, ensuring that everyone has access to equal opportunities regardless of who they are.

For decades now, Recruit Group has been engaged in promoting equal opportunities throughout all our business operations. Long before the Equal Employment Opportunity Law was enacted in Japan, we had already been exploring new work styles by launching Travail, a recruiting magazine specializing in women's employment and career moves, and more recently, Jitan JOB for people with time constraints and ZIP WORK, which focuses on jobs that require extensive professional expertise.

In addition, our group companies around the world work toward closing the opportunity gaps through regularly publishing research reports on their respective progress in terms of achieving workplace diversity as well as reviewing the condition of wage gaps.

Today, women hold 40.2% of Recruit Group's management positions across the 60+ countries in which we operate. (See chart left)

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Celebrating #IWD2021 at Recruit Holdings

Recruit Holdings held a special webinar with Ms. Yumiko Murakami, Head of OECD Tokyo Center, who shared insights based on OECD data into the importance of women's empowerment and leadership. Over 100 participants, including the CEO of Recruit Holdings, joined the webinar and, following the event, shared their written pledges to #ChooseToChallenge.


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