Our D&I Policy

Diversity & Inclusion at Recruit Group

"Bet On Passion" is one of the values the Recruit Group believes in. Our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion (D&I) is the embodiment of this value. For us, a company with a mission of addressing societal issues and providing society with new values through innovation, the people are the source of value creation. It is part of our competitive strategy that we promote D&I and build an environment that allows each of our diverse employees to achieve their fullest potential. To this end, we are making group-wide efforts to promote D&I.

Read the Recruit Group's talent development policy.

Top Management Commitment

Recruit Group promotes D&I as a competitive strategy committed by the top leadership. We monitor our D&I progress, including female career promotion (e.g., the number of newly appointed female managers). The monitoring results are reported to and discussed at our Business Strategy Meeting to ensure the top management is fully involved in the group-wide D&I efforts.

We are in the process of balancing the gender diversity of Recruit Group's Board of Directors as well. At the Annual Meeting of Shareholders on June 30, 2020, we elected an additional female candidate to the board. For the Annual Meeting of Shareholders in June 2021, we will propose one or more female candidates for election to the BOD.

Our efforts also include the commitment to D&I promotion for front-line workforces. For example, the CEO gives a speech at Family Day events.

Road Map for D&I Initiatives and Setting Key Goals

In 2006, we set up a dedicated D&I promotion team. Given that our female employees account for more than 40% of the headcount, we decided to create a gender-free environment as a first step, and have been focusing on supporting female employees in terms of work-life balance and career success.
Currently, we are accelerating our efforts to build an environment that allows the pursuit of careers for employees with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, such as sexual minority groups and men or women who need to balance work and home or provide nursing care at home. To this end, we set the following as priority D&I themes: 1) awareness-building for women, 2) education for management teams, 3) work style innovation and work-family balance support.

2006 Improvement of Work Environment
2008 To ensure an environment that allows employees stability and peace of mind, we began to work on measures to support a healthy work-life balance, such as establishing an on-site daycare center in our corporate headquarters.
2010 In addition to supporting work-life balance, we set as a key goal the support of women who seek to advance to the managerial decision-making level.
2013 The Management Strategy Committee set and published appointment targets for women in managerial positions.
2015 Implemented full-fledged work style innovation measures such as the introduction of remote working.
2018 ・Emphasized the creation of an environment wherein employees with diverse backgrounds and circumstances and can demonstrate their full abilities free from discrimination based such factors as gender, sexual orientation, and need for nursing care.
・Started sharing our knowledge to change the working environment outside the company as a step toward solving social issues.

Mechanism of Monitoring D&I Promotion

To visualize our D&I progress, in addition to monitoring the percentage of female managers and other numerical data, we conduct diversity questionnaire surveys to 12,000 employees in Japan-based group companies, starting from 2012. We grasp and analyze our D&I promotion status based on priority themes, such as aspirations for managerial positions and work-life balance awareness, and use the results for the further betterment of D&I measures.

Initiatives for promoting the participation of women

Policy for promoting the participation of women

With over 40% of the headcount being women, the Recruit Group aims to increase the percentage of female managers to the same level as that of female staff across the group. Setting this as our goal for promoting women's success, we are undertaking various initiatives.

As specific targets, we set the percentage goals for female presence both at the executive officer and manager layers and the year to achieve them, and have focused on supporting work-life balance and success.
In September 2012, an executive officer layer target was set for key group companies in Japan to be achieved by April 2015, which aimed to reach 10% or more as the percentage of female executives involved in management decision-making (executive officers or others with equivalent authority). We achieved this in April 2015.

The next aspiration target for 2015 and onward was to reach 30% or more as the percentage of female managers at 11 major group companies in Japan by April 2018. The figure became 28% on the target date. It showed a significant increase of 10.3%, as compared with that in 2006, when we started our diversity initiative. We are determined to make further efforts to support women's success in realizing our aspirations.

Shift in the percentage of women in managerial positions

As a result of promoting D&I since 2006, female representation in managerial positions became 25.2% (as of April 2020), which means one in every four managers are female. The graph below shows changes in the percentages at each managerial position.

We are also driving more diversity in the Board of Directors by inviting talents with diverse nationalities and backgrounds and incorporating various perspectives into corporate management. We nominate director candidates based on consideration of governance mechanisms and director requirements every year and select those who are considered most suitable. By improving promotion channels to appoint women, we addressed it as a policy to nominate a female director candidate. According to this policy, a female candidate was proposed and elected at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders on June 30, 2020.


*1 Figures up to fiscal 2012 are for Recruit Co., Ltd. alone. Figures from fiscal 2013 up to fiscal 2019 represent the April data of 11 companies, consisting of Recruit Holdings and 10 Japan-based group companies. The fiscal 2020 numbers and beyond represent the April data of 10 companies, consisting of Recruit Holdings and 9 Japan-based group companies.

*2 Up to fiscal 2012, the Executive Officer level means the executive officers of Recruit Co., Ltd. From fiscal 2013 onwards, it refers to the officers in key group companies, and the executive officers or equivalent in operating companies who have the same authority as the officers of key group companies.

D&I Initiative Structure

We have generated synergies through independent efforts by each group company, including cross-organizational implementation of measures.
Currently, the Diversity Promotion Department in Recruit Co., Ltd. takes charge of group-wide D&I promotion efforts, working together with top management and all operations across the group.

D&I Promotion Structure

Relationship with outside parties /evaluation

External awards

Selected in the Diversity Management Selection 100

Selected in the Diversity Management Selection 100
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry [Japanese])

2016 2016 J-Win Diversity Awards
(The specified nonprofit organization Japan Women's Innovative Network (NPO J-Win))
2017 J-Win Diversity Awards

2017 J-Win Diversity Awards
This is Recruit's third J-Win Diversity Award Grand Prize, having also been awarded the prize in 2008 and 2014. Additionally, Recruit won Runner-up Prizes in 2013 and 2016, along with an individual management award in 2016.

2018 Gender-Equality Index

Included in the 2018 Gender-Equality Index(Bloomberg)
For details, read the press release (Japanese only).

work with Pride Gold2020

Recruit received the Gold rating on the PRIDE Index 2020 (managed by "Work with Pride," a Japanese volunteer organization) for the third consecutive year.
For details, read the press release (Japanese only).

Relationship with outside parties

Recruit Holdings endorses the Declaration of Action issued by the Prime Minister's Cabinet on the "Assembly of Male Leaders Working to Accelerate the Empowerment of Women," and has declared its intention to promote further participation by female employees.

Website of the Declaration on Action by a group of male leaders who will create "A society in which women shine" (Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office) (Japanese)

*"Group companies'' of fiscal year 2020 refers to the companies listed below. Through fiscal year 2019 includes Recruit Communications Co., Ltd.
Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd., Recruit Career Co.,Ltd., Recruit Jobs Co.,Ltd., Staff Service Holdings Co., Ltd., Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd., Recruit Sumai Company.,Ltd., Recruit Marketing Partners Co.,Ltd., Recruit Lifestyle Co.,Ltd., Recruit Co., Ltd., Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd.