Work style initiatives of Group companies

In recent years, challenges such as the globalization of business, the forecast labor shortage caused by population decline, and the promotion of diversity have led a growing movement within both the public and private sectors to reconsider the way that we work and implement more diverse ways of working. In Recruit Group, we have identified "Bet on Passion" as one of the most important management philosophy, and meeting challenges such as exploring location-independent ways of working and generating meaning in work are part of how we're actively striving to build a work environment where every individual can have a passion for their job.

Flexible work style

Not limited just to those raising children or giving care, we are implementing various initiatives to allow every employee to utilize their full, unique potential. Flexible schedules, working remotely, mandatory paternity leave and accommodating second jobs are just the first of the programmes we're introducing to the companies within our group.


  • Implementing tools and facilities to allow working remotely
  • Making paternity leave mandatory
  • Proactively encourage employees to take their paid time off, allowing them to work in a healthy and energetic manner
  • Introducing simpler systems to welcome employees back to the company who may have had to leave due to unavoidable circumstances (such as job migration, childbirth, child raising and caregiving), rather than repeating the normal hiring process
  • Aiming to create a work environment where employees can feel secure in their jobs despite lifestyle changes, pushing to avoid the leave of caregiving employees

Raising productivity

While reviewing work processes and introducing IT tools, we're working to improve our productivity without losing any value.


  • Taking administration meetings online through use of business messaging, cloud storage and video conferencing
  • Inviting personalities to talk events to help spread knowledge concerning productivity, and to share built up expertise in developing productive work and study environments while maintaining a work-life balance
  • Setting up a department aiming to decrease the turnover of female employees. With the increasing proportion of working mothers, overall working time reduced significantly.