CS (Customer Satisfaction) quality

Our approach to serving our customers

Recruit Group serves two types of "customers.": "users" who use our products and services, and "clients" or corporations that wants to reach out with their information. Our goal is to become the intermediary to achieve a perfect match between users and clients, helping to build win-win relationships.

Information provided by Recruit Group has a profound impact on key choices and decisions in the users' lives, such as education, career, marriage, having and raising children, where to live and what car to drive. In order to help users make decisions that allow them to live the life that is true to themselves, it is essential that we offer quality information that is useful from the users' standpoint. That is why we are constantly exploring ideas on ideal information services, sometimes approaching clients to create new rules that work for the market.

To better serve our customers

We believe that the opinions, issues and requests that we receive from an individual customer should not be a matter kept between the staff who received them, but are something that Recruit Group as a whole should address. For this reason, we have established the "Recruit Group Customer Service Policy" to promote quality throughout our customer service operations.

Each of our group companies has staff in charge of promoting customer satisfaction who manage overall customer services, and are contacts for customer inquiries. The customer satisfaction staff at each company set goals as necessary to improve the quality of the goods and services, which are approved by the representative director of the company and the current status of the activities towards achieving the goals are reported regularly.

Reliability of the Goods/Services

In order to enhance the reliability of the goods and services offered by Recruit Group companies, the "content" and "wording" of the advertisements, information, or products are provided in each company's media only after they are reviewed based on the "Recruit Group Review Policy." We also provide guidance to our clients on appropriate content and wording to prevent issues in advance.

We are also actively promoting efforts to encourage markets and industries to standardize wording and data calculation methods.