Securing the quality and reliability of information

Initiatives for higher reliability

"Former Recruit Sumai Company Development of common rules among major portal sites"

On-line real estate ads were traditionally displayed based on rules which differed according to the company operating the real estate information site. In order to ensure that users can efficiently and effectively choose from accurate information, RSC, a council of real estate information site operators, directed by three companies including former Recruit Sumai Company, was launched, with the participation of major real estate portal sites. RSC is working to protect consumers by developing and implementing real estate ad rules and standardized terms, for example, "a system kitchen is roughly over 160 cm," based on questionnaire surveys of consumers.


Former Recruit Marketing Partners
Ensuring appropriate quotes

"There's a gap between Zexy's quote list and the quote from the wedding venues," was a complaint that Zexy increasingly received over the past few years. This was caused by some venues giving their lowest quotes in order to attract users. To counter this situation, Zexy started making sure that the example quote was applicable to everyone for all days, and added a total amount bar, showing the average amount from couples who held their weddings at the venue. They also implemented a rule that if a complaint was received they would demand the venue to rectify the situation, and if the problem persisted, Zexy would stop carrying information for that venue. Although there were some worries that a realistic figure might drive away couples from wedding ceremonies, this decision was made to maintain trust in the bridal market.


"Former Recruit Marketing Partners
Showing the total amount for used cars"

The drive to show the total amount was born from users' voice that showing only the car price did not give them a clear idea on how much it would cost in total to purchase the car. Thanks to the understanding and cooperation of the clients, the display of the total amount, which includes the car price and all other expenses, first started with only a few percent of listings, but today has reached up to 63.2 percent (as of the end of March 2016). It has received favorable responses from users who can now decide their purchase without asking for an individual quote, because they can see the total amount they have to pay in the ad. Used cars with their total amount displayed have a significantly higher close rate compared to those that do not show the total amount.


Approaching markets and industries with ideas

"Former Recruit Career
A new application form/resume system to lessen the burden on students/businesses and help develop understanding between them "

OpenES (Open Entry Sheet) is an electronic application form/resume service started by Rikunabi. Application forms and resumes can be submitted to companies based on the name, birthdate, address, contact, and personal strengths that the student has entered on the site. Content which may differ by company, for example the reason for applying to the company, is added when making the submission. Manually preparing and submitting an application form takes about two hours. This system, while reducing the burden of time to prepare the application form, also allows the student to post photos and referrals from friends or older acquaintances who already hold positions in companies, which is aimed at helping promote mutual understanding between the company and student by offering more ways for the student to express themselves.


Former Recruit Jobs
Introduction of "Like! Service"

"Like! Service" is a match recommendation system based on a person's "character," for users who are finding it difficult to take a step forward in a job application because they are not confident with their career history or skills. A profile sheet was developed in which the user can fill in information on their private lives, with a "Like!" button which can be pressed by both the user and the companies. With this match-making function, applicants and companies can now see how the other party feels before the actual application is made. Companies who have introduced "Like! Service" are seeing significantly higher job application rates.


Former Recruit Lifestyle
Offering reservation/customer management system to hair salons

The hair salon industry had been struggling with double-bookings resulting from difficulty in seeing the overall reservation situation, because the reservations were made by phone, through web sites and various other ways. To solve this issue, the "Salon Board'' system was developed to enable all reservations to be managed centrally online, even allowing a view into the situation with the customer and management of past service information. By centrally managing the reservations, the workload of the salons to manage their reservations was reduced, and the salons were much more comfortable with allocating more capacity for online reservations. This has led to an environment in which it is easier for users to make reservations online. Reservations can now also be checked from smartphones and mobile phones, which contributes to even more efficiency.