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This website (hereinafter referred to as "this site") is intended to introduce the corporate/group information of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Recruit Holdings") and new services/products offered by Recruit.

We ask that when using this site, you carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions (hereinafter "these Terms") below. If you do not agree to these Terms, we ask that you refrain from using this Site. In addition, by using this Site, it shall be construed that you have agreed to all of these Terms.

Terms of Use

1. System Recommendations

We recommend that this site is viewed with the latest version of Internet Explorer 10 or above, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, as well as the latest version of iOS and Android. Also for the latest version of each browser, we will strive to support you so as not to cause inconvenience.

2. Copyrights

The copyrights for the content provided by this Site (including text, images, video, audio, and programs) are the property of Recruit or the parties who have licensed the respective copyrights to Recruit Holdings. Any reproduction, alteration, adaptation, or other use on other websites, printed media, or other recordable media is prohibited, except for individual use by the user only. Any other use of content provided by this Site beyond the scope of copyright laws without prior written consent from Recruit Holdings is prohibited.

3. Trademarks

All trademark rights for company names, product and service names, and logos displayed on this Site are the property of Recruit Holdings. Use of these trademarks without prior written consent from Recruit Holdings is prohibited.

4. Links

We ask that you create links basically to the URL, and identify that the link is to the Recruit Holdings website. Please be aware that Recruit Holdings may change this URL or change, suspend, or terminate the operation of its website. In addition, please be aware that Recruit Holdings may request deletion of such links if Recruit Holdings determines the content of the originating site or its link method to be in violation of the intentions of the operation of this Site.

5. Inquiries

5-1. E-mail

E-mail sent by Recruit Holdings to the user is sent to the user's individual address for the purpose of answering inquiries from the user. The copyright for such e-mail is the property of Recruit Holdings, and transferring of their content to a website, printed media or other media without prior written consent from Recruit Holdings, reuse of the content of the e-mail in whole or in part, or use for any other purpose is prohibited.

5-2. Inquiries

Responses to inquiries are conducted through a process that Recruit Holdings deems appropriate to the content, regardless of the method of inquiry. In addition, response to inquiries may take some time depending on the content of the inquiry. We appreciate your understanding.

5-3. Contact Information

Please enter your contact information, including your e-mail address and telephone number, correctly. If this information is incorrect, we may not be able to respond to your inquiry. In addition, please do not enter false information or the information of another person as your contact information.

6. Notes

6-1. Disclaimer of Warranties

Recruit Holdings pays close attention to the information published on this Site. However, Recruit Holdings makes no express or implied warranties as to the correctness, accuracy, reliability, or any other aspect of the content of this Site. Additionally, Recruit Holdings makes no warranty that this site will operate without interruption or error, or that the site or its server are free of computer viruses or other harmful components.

6-2. Problems Encountered during Use

Recruit Holdings shall in no way be liable in the event of errors on this Site or any troubles that should arise between the user and a third party upon the use of this Site. In addition, the user shall bear all costs for necessary services and repair in the event of any injuries, including damage to hardware or software, arising from use of this site. In no way shall Recruit Holdings be held liable for any problems except for reasons attributable to Recruit Holdings.

6-3. Changes in Content

Please be aware that information, file names, and other content published on this Site may be changed, edited, or deleted at any time without prior notice.

6-4. Limitation of Liability

Even in the event that Recruit Holdings should bear responsibility for any injuries suffered by the user through use of this Site, the responsibility of Recruit Holdings shall be limited to direct and customary losses in the absence of criminal intent or gross negligence.

7. Force Majeure

In no way shall Recruit Holdings be held liable in the event of any injuries incurred due to natural disasters or acts of God, viruses that cannot be blocked by standard anti-virus software, or any other injuries through reasons that are not attributable to Recruit Holdings.

8. Usage of Information

Recruit Holdings may use the content of any opinions or inquiries received from the users of this Site, or data relating usage of this site to create and use statistical data, in a format by which the individual cannot be identified.

9. Disputes

9-1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Usage of this site and all interpretation and application of these Terms are governed and construed under the laws of Japan. In addition, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the first trial for all disputes arising from usage of this Site.

9-2. Response from Recruit

In addition to the necessary legal measures, Recruit Holdings may prohibit use of this Site or take other actions deemed necessary by Recruit Holdings in the event of use by the user that violates these Terms or the essence of operation of this Site by Recruit Holdings.

10. About these Terms

10-1. Validity

In the event that any portion of these Terms is deemed to be in violation of law, invalid, or ineffective for any reason whatsoever, the remaining portions of these Terms shall remain fully valid and effective.

10-2. Changes

Recruit Holdings may make changes, additions, or deletions to these Terms for any reason. Please continuously check this Site for updates. By using this Site following such changes, it shall be construed that you have agreed to the changes in these Terms.

10-3. Linked sites

Usage of any websites to which links are published on this Site requires that the user adhere to any terms and conditions set by those sites, regardless of whether such sites are operated by Recruit Holdings.


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