Business segments

Founded in 1960, the Recruit Group started as a business focused on recruitment advertising that targeted university students. While expanding over time into other human resources-related services, we also branched into promotional areas supporting life events and lifestyles, evolving into an enterprise that revolves around three key areas: promotional media, personnel media, and temporary staffing media. Since 2010, we have been aiming to increase value by taking the expertise we have cultivated in Japan and transplanting it abroad, and are now accelerating our global business expansion with a focus on M&A activities.

In response to a rapidly changing online business environment, we are aiming to maximize shareholder and corporate value with streamlined decision-making based on an ability to quickly grasp needs and business opportunities in the global market. To facilitate this, in April 2016, we organized into three new strategic business units (SBU): HR Technology, Media & Solutions and Staffing, shifting to a structure that will accelerate business growth on an individual unit basis. And, since FY 2017, we have been disclosing information based on the same SBU structure: HR Technology (Global Online HR SBU), Media & Solutions (same SBU), and Staffing (Global Staffing SBU).

Business promotion policy

In the markets of the countries in which they operate, each of the three businesses is fully committed to providing custom solutions to the wide range of challenges faced by customers and society at large. Based on a business model of positioning ourselves between users and clients to provide optimal matching services, we aim to continually evolve by working to better ourselves on a daily basis.

Our 3 business segments