HR Technology

Mid-Term Strategy

In 2012, Recruit Holdings acquired Indeed, which operates an online search engine for job seekers that is growing as a global online HR platform. Our strategy over the medium term is to expand Indeed's existing business in the field of job advertising in the US and global markets, and to aggressively increase the HR technology business through R&D investment and acquisitions.
In line with this growth strategy, we acquired the US company Glassdoor in June 2018, which manages one of the world's largest and fastest-growing online job search websites. Through collaboration between Indeed and Glassdoor, we will create business opportunities for further growth, aiming to solve various issues for both job seekers and employers.

Indeed's revenue (millions of US dollars)

FY2017 $1,976. FY2016 $1,229. FY2015 $777.

*1 This is the financial results of Indeed which differ from the IFRS-based consolidated financial results of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. due to differences in consolidation methodologies.
*2 Revenues for FY2015 and FY2016 on this page are based on the fiscal year of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. ending March, along with the adoption of IFRS in place of Japanese GAAP from the beginning of FY2017. This from the results presentation in May 2017 which was based on the fiscal year of Indeed ending December.

Expand business area from job advertising to other HR related businesses

Expand business area from job advertising to other HR related businesses
#1 job site worldwide*1. 200 million unique visitors per month*2. Ranked #1 in 13 countries*3. 120 million resumes*4.
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Over 40 Million Reviews and Approximately 60 Million Unique Users per Month

Glassdoor was founded in 2007 in California, US. The company manages the job information search website, one of the fastest-growing job sites in the world. Through millions of reviews and insights generated by users, Glassdoor aims to provide highly transparent company information to job seekers. It has built a strong support base among users, mainly in the US, and continues to grow rapidly.
The reviews and insights are extremely wide-ranging, covering every-thing from basic information, such as company reviews, CEO ratings, salaries, and benefits, to questions and impressions from interviews. The website has received over 40 million reviews and insights from its many users, and attracts approximately 60 million unique users per month. Glassdoor is one of the largest and fastest-growing companies in the global online HR industry.

770K Companies. ~40M Reviews and Insights. 55+% Activity on Mobile. 16M Jobs. ~60M Monthly Unique Users*3.

Glassdoor, Inc.*1

Headquarters: Mill Valley, California (USA)
Products: Employer branding solutions Job advertising
Revenue: 171 million US dollars*2 (Fiscal year ended in March 2018)
Employees: 750
Established: June 2007

  1. *1 Glassdoor Management, Glassdoor Internal Data
  2. *2 Revenue based unaudited financials.
  3. *3 Unique Users as of January 2018.

Indeed and Glassdoor Complement One Another to Create Better Services

Indeed has focused on honing its search technologies to make the task of finding a job simpler and quicker for all users. Meanwhile, Glassdoor has focused on increasing transparency in the job search experience by providing unique company information for job seekers. Glassdoor's company information such as reviews and insights is the perfect complement to Indeed's job search function. The two companies also share the similar approach of putting the needs of job seekers first and providing a better job search experience for them. By creating collaboration opportunities with a long-term view, the two companies are confident that they will be able to provide better opportunities to both job seekers and employers.

Glassdoor, Inc. is operated under HR Technology SBU

✓ Glassdoor is an operating company under the HR Technology segment of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., same as Indeed.
✓ HR Technology segment aims to deliver broader value by leveraging the strengths of each operating company.

Governance Structure Image

*4 All the subsidiaries in the HR Technology segment are operated under, but their shares are not necessarily held by HR Technology SBU headquarters, RGF OHR USA Inc.

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