Media & Solutions

Mid-Term Strategy

Revenue (in billions of yen)

FY2017 679.9. FY2016 658.2

EBITDA (in billions of yen)

FY2017 156.1. FY2016 151.5

Media & Solutions SBU aims to expand targeted industries and further reinforce its business base by expanding the Operational Support Services the SBU has been providing to its clients. We also aim for stable revenue growth while maintaining high EBITDA margins, even after considering investments in new business development.
With an eye to increase the volume of matching transactions for users and clients, the cornerstone for earnings growth, we intend to efficiently maximize the volume and quality of inventory needed for user actions within the context of reception hours and seat reservation status at clients.
In April 2018, the Media & Solutions segment transitioned to a business structure with Recruit Co., Ltd. as the SBU Headquarters to rapidly and smoothly execute the mid-term strategy.

Client acquisition in new categories

TOPICS: Diverse Services in Peripheral Domains

Rikunabi HR Tech Career Change Scout

With Rikunabi HR Tech Career Change Scout, a search tool for finding mid-career job seekers, corporate clients are provided with information about optimal candidates screened by AI (machine learning) with direct access candidate databases managed by us. This operational support service also manages everything online, from setting up interviews to hiring. By partly automating the processes that hiring managers used to conduct with SaaS, we aim to create an environment where highly accurate matching of candidates to jobs can be performed with the least amount of effort.

As a measure to increase new clients, we have continued to invest in AirREGI, releasing RESTAURANTESTRANT BOARD, a system for man-aging seat reservations at restaurants that also provides HotPepper Gourmet with real-time information about seat availability. We also offer optional functions to corporate clients, including a messaging system for reaching out to users, website creation and other operational support services bundled into the Operational Support Package as a fee-based SaaS feature. Recruit Group has launched reservation services and operational support services before the competition, resulting in a significant lead over rivals in terms of reservation numbers. Approximately 46,000 clients use our online instant reservation service, and 71.21 million people have made online reservations as of March 31, 2018.


AirPAY is a payment service available on the iPad or iPhone via a downloadable app. We are seeking out earnings opportunities by increasing the convenience of payments for users with AirPAY while increasing more small-scale clients, few of which can handle credit card payments, on board through AirREGI, SALON BOARD and RESTAURANT BOARD.


Recruit Group offers financial services that utilize Big Data analysis and AI through the management support service Partners. One feature is our ability to set lending limits based on projections of future profitability after sifting through large volumes of data including the number of transactions over our services, related trends, and word-of-mouth information. We are currently providing these services to a limited number of clients in Travel, Dining and Beauty subsegments, but intend to expand the scope of applicable industries and evolve it into a multi-faceted operational support service.

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