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Mid-Term Strategy

Recruit aims to expand in targeted client industries and increase the services it provides by focusing on the development of new businesses that support clients' operations. We also aim for continued stable revenue growth while maintaining high EBITDA margins, even after considering investments in new business development.

Illustration of Client acquisition in new categories and service expansion

Growth in Users

Number of Air REGI accounts (Thousands)

FY2015 233, FY2016 279

Hot Pepper Gourmet Number of seats reserved online (million)

FY2015 37.3, FY2016 51.5

Hot Pepper Beauty Number of online reservations (million)

FY2015 45.0, FY2016 61.3

Number of paying users of app for high school students (Thousands)

FY2015 167, FY2016 244

In fiscal 2016, the number of registered accounts for Air REGI, which supports the operations of small- and medium-size enterprises, increased 20% year on year to 297,000 accounts. We packaged together several services, including cash register functions, for clients mainly in the restaurant sector, and began charging a monthly fee. This new service got off to a good start. In fiscal 2016, the number of seats reserved online made through Hot Pepper Gourmet, a service for restaurants, rose 38% to about 51.5 million people. Likewise, the number of online reservations for Hot Pepper Beauty, a service for beauty salons, expanded 36% to about 61.3 million.
In fiscal 2016, the number of paid members for services aimed at high school students in Study Sapuri, online learning service, climbed about 46% to 244,000 students. Recruit is focusing on significant expansion of users in both existing and new business fields.

Taking on the Challenge of Diverse Work Styles in Japan

Japan's working population is projected to decline amid low birthrates and an aging population. Women taking their place in society are a potential workforce. In 2015, Recruit launched iction! as a project that spans across operating companies in the recruiting and staffing domains in Japan, with the goal of "joining together in creating a world where it is easy to work while raising children." As of March 31, 2017, Recruit has created 145,000 short-hour jobs in line with our aim of creating jobs that can be completed in short times for people working shortened hours while raising their children.
Moreover, ZIPWORK is for skilled people able to produce results in a limited amount of time. This provides work opportunities to people with restraints on their time due to not only child- rearing, but also caring for elderly parents or performing other side jobs. We continue to promote diverse ways of working.

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