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Leading High Brand Value in the Japanese Hiring Market
Realizing Sustainable Growth, Taking Advantage of Strength in Our Original Business

Service Explanation
A Leading Brand that Responds to a Wide Range of Needs in the Hiring Market

For the full-time employment market, we provide hiring information and engage in a placement service for new college graduates and mid-career job seekers through our brands such as "Rikunabi", "Rikunabi NEXT" and "RECRUIT AGENT".
For part-time, we provide job information through websites, apps and free magazines under the brands such as "TOWNWORK" and "From A navi", which are two of the largest in the Japanese market.

Business Model

Our domestic recruiting business provides a full lineup of services related to hiring. Users include all types of job seekers and clients are various types of companies who are looking for human resources.
Our business model has two revenue streams: advertising fees and success fees. We charge advertising fees to clients for listing recruitment ads posted in/on our media: free magazines, websites and apps. On the other hand, in placement services, we charge clients fees when our candidates successfully start to work for the clients.

Market Environment (FY2017)
Japanese Hiring Market is Continuously Expanding while the Ratio of Job Offers to Applicants Remains at a High Level

The ratio of job offers to applicants, a key indicator of employment trends in Japan, is affected by business cycles. The current market has been quite robust, and is expected to continuously expand until the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, although it may fluctuate depending on the short-term changes in business cycles. As of March 31, 2018, the ratio of job offers to applicants was 1.59 and the market continues to expand.

Business Overview
Revenue Remains the Highest in the Market Amid a Robust Employment Environment

As a pioneer of recruitment advertising business in Japan, we provide a full range of services related to hiring, and the size of our revenue is at the top position in the Japanese market.
In FY 2017, the Japanese labor market remained extremely tight as evidenced by the continued high-level ratio of job-offers to applicants and the increased number of job advertisements. In this environment, we implemented measures such as enhancing brand awareness, attracting users and reinforcing sales operations. As a result, job advertisements for both full-time and part-time jobs were sound and revenue was 270.6 billion yen, an increase of 4.0% from the previous fiscal year.

Strategy Going Forward
Enhancing ROI by Utilizing our IT Expertise and Further Strengthening Our Sales Structure

Our strengths are covering various kinds of users with overwhelming brand value and strong relationships with a wide range of clients throughout our business bases all over Japan. The convenience of our services with these strengths is highly rated by users and clients.
Looking ahead, we will evolve our services corresponding to changing business environments and create new markets utilizing know-how we have been accumulating since our foundation.
For full-time recruitment business, we aim to be more attractive by offering services responding to the increasingly advanced and diversified needs of both users and clients by strengthening our sales structures and utilizing massive amounts of data acquired from our wide range of user touchpoints.
For part-time recruitment business, we will enhance user attractiveness through mass promotion such as TV commercials, outdoor and other advertisements and SEO measures. We will also focus on optimizing UI/UX for our apps, and on developing our apps for responding to users' needs in order to increase the number of users sent to our clients.

Ratio of Job Offers to Applicants in Japan [Rate]

Source: Zenkoku Kyujin Joho Kyokai, Number of Recruitment Advertising Research and Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, General Employment Placement Situation

Annual Revenue [Billions of Yen]

* under Japanese GAAP

FY2017 Revenue Comparison [Billions of Yen]

*1. Sales of recruiting segment including Intelligence
*2. FYE Feb 2017

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