Mid-Term Strategy

For the past several years, revenue and EBITDA have been growing, supported by a favourable market environment, contributions from the consolidation of subsidiaries and improvement of efficiency and profitability.
Recruit Global Staffing intends to advance its operational effective-ness through mature fully fledged Unit Management and continuous technology improvements. This enables the operating companies to deliver optimised profitability and autonomous revenue growth. Under solid global economic conditions, Recruit Global Staffing aims to continue driving steady growth in revenue and profit.

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Promoting the Unit Management System

The Unit Management System divides an organization into small units based on differences in the markets they serve. Each unit is regarded as a company and the Unit Manager is given authority to make decisions. This arrangement allows each unit to devise and implement optimal strategies for each market, with the aim of maximizing their profits.
There are several reasons why it is difficult to apply conventional productivity enhancement methods to the Staffing business. The first reason is that it is difficult to differentiate our staffing service as its "product" is the work done by the temporary workers. The second reason is that it is difficult to reduce the cost of sales because salaries paid to workers represent most of this cost. The third reason is that the approach of pursuing efficiency through "massive scale and standardized service for a large area" does not work because staffing is a local business, where workers want to find a job close to their homes. Under these conditions, we seek to generate profit by increasing productivity and profitability in each unit of the organization.

Unit Management System

Unit Management System

To do so, we need to steadily make incremental improvements and introduce an autonomous management system at each unit. The Unit Management System is an optimal arrangement for making this happen, as it enables us to encourage every employee to take greater ownership of their duties, increase his or her business awareness and accelerate decision-making processes.

An Extensive Coverage of the Global Market

Since 2010, Recruit Group has made a number of acquisitions in the staffing business outside Japan. Recruit Group has subsidiaries in Japan (Staff Service Holdings, Recruit Staffing), Europe (Recruit Global Staffing, Advantage Resourcing Europe), the US (Staffmark Holdings, Advantage Resourcing America, The CSI Companies), and Australia (Chandler Macleod, Peoplebank). In the "Largest Global Staffing Firms 2017," a survey published by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), Recruit Group placed fifth in the industry in terms of its share of the global staffing market. Today, we have a portfolio with extensive coverage in the major staffing markets around the world.

Revenue by Region *1, 2

Revenue by Region

*1 Sum of sales in FY2017
*2 Figures of North America, Europe, and Australia were calculated combining individual subsidiaries

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