Annual Report 2018

We have combined our Annual Report and CSR Report into a single integrated document to help stakeholders gain a greater understanding of our management principles, business strategies and how we're creating mid- and long-term value.
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Annual Report 2018

We've managed to create new value
for nearly 60 years, transforming ourselves.
How have we done it, and how will we keep up
in this era of massive change?

Sustainability at Recruit

We aim to generate value for society in a sustainable manner through our corporate activities. Our activities are tied together by the following five material matters.

Opportunities and Risks

Recruit Group believes risk is best managed in a culture.

Corporate Governance

Based on our corporate mission, we seek long-term and stable growth for our business.

Business Strategy

Recruit Group believes swift decision-making is essential to maximize enterprise value and shareholder value by actively responding to the rapidly transforming Internet business industry and identifying business opportunities globally.