Close the opportunity gap

Article for Annual Report 2018 (October, 2018)

Recruit Marketing Partners-Quipper

Quipper is an online learning tool that aims to eradicate education gaps caused by economic and geographic barriers. The implementation of the program as a teaching aid in schools is on the rise, including a public launch in five cities inside Metropolitan Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and utilization at every elementary and junior high school in Shibuya Ward in Tokyo.

Recruit Marketing Partners-Quipper

Recruit Holdings/RGF-"WORKFIT"/"Honki no Shushoku"

Since 2011, these employment support programs for the young have helped approximately 26,000 people. Participants undergo training and acquire skills needed for securing employment, such as self-presentation and interview preparation. Now the programs are spreading in Thailand, Vietnam, China and so forth and also helping working mothers, junior high students in a reformatory and nursing home, and evening course high school students.

Recruit Holdings/RGF-

Recruit Lifestyle-"Maji☆Bu" Marine Magic! and Golf Magic!

This project by Jalan Research Center supports young people's action, in which more than 1 million people in total participated. The project offers leisure experiences to young people around 20 years old for free, so as to generate future demand for travel in Japan.

Recruit Lifestyle-

Recruit Holdings-Regional Community Revitalization

In March 2017, we concluded a comprehensive collaborative agreement with the City of Arida in Wakayama Prefecture and conducted a cooperative experiment on a model for assisting mandarin farmers. As an open innovation initiative that seeks to develop businesses in collaboration with local governments and companies/associations in other industries, we aim to raise income levels for farmers and achieve an increase in the number of new farmers.

Recruit Holdings-Regional Community Revitalization

Advantage Resourcing Group and Staffmark

Supporting Careers of Military Service <Members and Veterans>

Provide career assistance such as resume writing, partnering with external organizations.

Supporting Refugees

In addition to technology and housing assistance, the companies helped over 300 refugees from Myanmar and provided assistance to find jobs for those who met certain criteria in the US.

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Indeed-Assessments, a new skills-based screening technology.

Introduced Indeed Assessments, a new platform where employers can screen candidates for job-related skills without relying solely on resumes. This helps to reduce biases in the hiring process and enables employers to evaluate candidates quickly and in detail.

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