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Article for Annual Report 2018 (October, 2018)

Recruit-"iction!" and "ZIPWORK"

Project "iction" is focused on creating an environment where employees can more easily balance working life with parenting. More than 170,000 short-hour jobs have been created and the relevant information was disseminated to assist approximately 1 million child-raising mothers looking for jobs. Project "ZIPWORK" was launched mainly through staffing subsidiaries and aims to offer short-hour jobs for highly skilled workers that have time constraints. Orders from over 700 companies were received in one year, and we have also started collaborations such as the one with Kitakyushu-City in Fukuoka in July 2017.

Major Recruit Group Companies in Japan-Employee Experience Design

Recruit Group is implementing various work style reform initiatives, such as trying working styles unshackled by workplace, or improving per-hour productivity. For example, at Recruit Holdings, an "Engagement Survey" is offered to all employees on a regular basis to put in motion a cycle that reflects issues in work style reforms. With the strong commitment of the management team, attempts are being made to continuously enhance the "Employee Experience," including the revamping of our management styles and operational systems.

Indeed-Great Place to Work Across the Globe

Indeed is focused on building a collaborative, mission driven culture. Passion for helping people get jobs is reflected throughout its global operation from office spaces to employee development programs to corporate amenities and benefits. A strong company culture has resulted in Indeed being able to attract and retain top talent, while supporting business growth and success. In 2017, Indeed Canada, Germany, Ireland, UK, and US were all recognized as a Great Place to Work, based on annual survey measuring factors like employee job satisfaction, leadership support and work-life balance.


USG People-Great Place to Work (Listed in Best Multinationals)

In the research carried out in Europe on the Great Place to Work pro-gram, the company was recognized in the multinational corporation category as having management trusted by employees, employees being proud of their work, and both management and employees enjoying working with each other as colleagues.
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USG People-

Recruit Lifestyle
-Proposing a Sustainable Management in the Hospitality Industry

As a joint project with Mie Prefecture, the Jalan Research Center proposed a training program on the topic of work style reforms in the hospitality industry. The program aims to improve employee satisfaction and the employment environment in the hospitality industry where hiring is particularly difficult.

Recruit Lifestyle-Proposing a Sustainable Management in the Hospitality Industry