Respect Human Rights & Conserve the Environment

Article for Annual Report 2018 (October, 2018)

Respect Human Rights

Recruit Group Companies- Human Rights

Recruit Group Human Rights Policy applies to all Group executives and employees. As a step towards human rights due diligence, information on human rights risks is collected periodically from each SBU predominately by the Compliance Office. As one comprehensive risk topic, this information is then subject to be summarized, evaluated, set with possible countermeasures, and if necessary, discussed by the Risk Management Committee in Recruit Holdings and each SBU. See page 53 for Features and Specific Initiatives in Corporate Governance at Recruit Group.

Recruit Group Companies in Japan
-Training and Grievance Mechanism

Training on Human Rights, including compliance and harassment issues are implemented at all Recruit Group companies. With the training and hotline desks, we have a grievance mechanism as required by the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
Furthermore we utilize IT and launched "Geppo" (JV between Recruit Co, Ltd. and CyberAgent). It is a tool for identifying signs of change in employee conditions. Items such as work satisfaction, human relationships, and health will be analyzed to quickly identify and report issues to human resources.

Conserve the Environment

Recruit Group Companies in Japan, etc.
-Environmental Preservation and Resource Conservation

14 Recruit Group companies in Japan and Advantage Resourcing UK have obtained ISO 14001 environmental management standards certification. As an initiative on conserving resources, we independently monitor an environment efficiency index, which is derived from dividing revenue (100,000 yen) by volume of paper consumption (t). Our recycling ratio for leftover paper is currently 100%.

USG People Germany-Renewable Energy

In Germany, the weighting of power generated from renewable energy is around 30% but at USG People Germany, 100% of the power consumed by the company is from renewable energy, which translates to an annual reduction of 220 t-CO2.

Recruit Sumai Company-"Spreading Green Curtains"

Since 2011, Recruit Sumai Company has proposed environmentally friendly living by spreading "green curtains" of Japanese morning glory plants and bitter gourd vines and holding a photo contest in con-junction with this initiative. In fiscal year 2017, green curtains were planted in the City of Asakura in Fukuoka Prefecture, which suffered substantial flood damage.

Recruit Sumai Company-