Sustainability Orbit
-an evolving cycle with rooted values.-

Article for Annual Report 2018 (October, 2018)

True Form of Sustainability

Ayano Senaha

Ayano Senaha

Corporate Executive Officer (Corporate Planning/Corporate Communication/Human Resources)

Recruit Group's Sustainability Orbit is a cyclical mechanism that enables us to put our Vision into reality. We proactively engage in dialogue with stakeholders, decide what we should do as a Group, take action and then cycle our achievements back to stakeholders. I believe management's role in this whole cycle is to constantly ask ourselves "who we are" and define our character as a Group. In a rapidly changing business environment, sustainability does not necessarily mean maintaining the status quo. We must decide what to change and what not to change, and this ongoing evolution of ourselves is the true form of our sustainability.

Being Real and Authentic

In charge of sustainability, I place great importance on one thing, and that is "realism." The Group Management Philosophy, as well as sustainability guiding principles, are not there to be framed and hung on a wall. I want them to be real tangibles in our daily activities that encompass the behavior of each and every employee. At Indeed for example, "we help people get jobs" is the company mission, and there is an orange chair in each conference room. Almost every time when a new employee starts working at Indeed comes into a room, they ask about the orange chair as it stands out from other settings. Why are we doing this? Well, it represents a job seeker. It is a prop that reminds us to ask ourselves whether the decisions we make in the room would be something that we are proud of if a job seeker were sitting in that chair.

At Recruit Group, these principles are grounded in reality that each employee actually carry out their duties sincerely. These accumulated efforts not only grow our business but also make our contribution to the society very authentic. As a result, I hope that we make positive impact for SDGs and the sustainable society in a real, unique way.