Closer look on Value Creation Process ~Values~

Article for Annual Report 2018 (October, 2018)



What we do isn't a job. We enjoy exploring what is possible for our future. We question the status quo, fail well and overcome with resilience. We are a force for change.


We are a team of people fueled by curiosity. We respect and capitalize on each other's differences. We know that one person's crazy idea, when backed by data & research, can become the best bet.


We, as global citizens, strive to contribute to a sustainable society through all of our corporate activities. Each one of us is committed to seeking out the needs of society and taking action for a better future.

Three Values We Hold Dear

Since it's foundation, Recruit Group has maintained the characteristics of a startup, constantly pursuing innovation. How have we managed to keep them? Our Values, the authentic compass for all staff, play an important role.

The first is "WOW THE WORLD." As the business environment is rapidly changing, we need to always ask ourselves what are the true problems to solve. As a result, we improve our existing services, and at times challenge new areas of business. Recruit Group strives to create the future standards.

The second is "BET ON PASSION." Recruit Group believes that our people are our competitive advantages. All revolutionary services are created by our people's unique ideas and perspectives. We constantly ask "What do you really want to do?" and follow their own initiative to offer users and clients the best solution. Our success lies in this culture of respecting individuals.

Last but not least is, "PRIORITIZE SOCIAL VALUE." We have been focused on solving the real issue in real world. We contribute to society through our business itself. By offering services that would reduce dissatisfaction, inconvenience and unease, we have closed information gaps and opened up markets in various industries. Not only by offering users and clients greater freedom of choice, but through all of our corporate activities, we endeavor to contribute to society.

Ryo Irisawa
(Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd.)
I'm involved with the development of a smart-phone app named Seem, which helps men monitor their fertility and lower the obstacles they face in trying to conceive. Recruit Group expects employees to push for what they want to do, and there are lots of chances to be proactive. It is a real challenge to envision products that do not yet exist and make them real, but I am confident that in some small way my creative abilities can provide a service that will help people.

Ryo Irisawa

Marie Sakurai
(Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd.)
I had a chance to work as a project leader on three wedding-related services: Zexy Enmusubi net service, Zexy Enmusubi counter service and Zexy Enmusubi party, and was able to take them from the conceptual stage to rollout in just one year. Only Recruit could have launched services like this so quickly, and provided new value to the wedding industry, and I think it could only have been because of a desire to spark a movement.

Marie Sakurai

Matthew Duggan
(Indeed Japan)
As a leader in the Job Seeker group, my team is dedicated to developing products and solutions, and continually testing new concepts to improve job search. When I joined Indeed, I quickly realized the culture was very unique. We are a data-driven company, and the people here are really passionate about our mission. We're improving the lives of millions of people around the world by helping them get jobs.

Matthew Duggan

Employees from All Regions Engage with Leadership

Recruit Group has a variety of systems and structures in place that help fulfill its Values. They are the source of the continuous development of Recruit Group's unique culture and innovation. One of such systems is Indeed's commitment to providing timely information to employees through a series of leadership meetings. Indeed leadership engages with employees digitally across the globe on a regular basis to engage in open and honest discussions about global initiatives, goals and business strategy.

Keep You Weird! From Great Diversity, Comes Great Creativity

In the Media & Solutions segment, there has always been an emphasis on a structure that places importance on individuality. In Japan, most companies hire new graduates only at certain times of the year, but Recruit Group hires all year long, offering new employees greater freedom to choose their career path. Restrictions on the age of new employees or internships have also been relaxed. In doing this Recruit Group attracts a diverse range of people, who will contribute to truly monumental changes and accomplishments. Since 1982, the Group has promoted our Values through a new business proposal system known as "Ring" (formerly New RING), in which any employee in the Group may take part. The Ring program has spawned a multitude of businesses including Car Sensor, Zexy, Study Sapuri and more. In addition, Recruit Group has set up a knowledge-sharing network spanning the entire Group. Employees share experiences gained from their own work across the organization, encouraging others to consider how these new ideas or approaches might be applied to their activities. Continuing to ask employees, "Why are you here?" leads to developing new innovators. People-the source of new value creation-continue to be supported by a framework that makes them grow, and that is our strength.

Are You Happy with Your Job?

Or is it high time for something new? In the Staffing segment we constantly ask these questions, not only to ourselves, but also to our temporary agency employees. We value "BET ON PASSION" as the core driver of our competitiveness, and provide recruitment support that delivers a diverse workforce to our clients.


Indeed University (IU) is a program which brings together new university hires from around the world to teach them about data-driven decision making, by having them build and launch new products within Indeed. One concept created here was Job Spotter, a mobile app that allows users to submit photos of help wanted signs and uploading those "offline" jobs to Indeed's website (Indeed US/UK/CA/AU).
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FORUM is a job-sharing experience in which employees who have demonstrated novelty and versatility in developing new approaches are selected to present their experience to peers, allowing their insights to be disseminated throughout Recruit Group (Group companies in Japan).


Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and teachers from top business schools around the world are invited to share their knowledge and insights at Recruit Group's GLOBA seminar (Group Companies in Japan).

Recruit Holdings

Training programs are conducted for new recruits and employees hired in mid-career. The active discussions at these sessions allow management to provide direction, to instill the Group's values, and to share various ideas and concepts to all employees (Recruit Holdings).