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*as of March 31st 2019

Our Business Evolution

Since 1960, Recruit Group has been continuously evolving to offer an ever expanding range of communications solutions to meet changing market demands and provide life changing opportunities for wider stakeholders.

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Performance Highlights

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Our Leadership

Leadership team
Masumi Minegishi


Masumi Minegishi

Our Group performance is a result of continuous innovation in all three business segments, and our ongoing success in effectively connecting individuals with businesses. Together, we are building a brighter world where individuals can live life to the fullest.
Keiichi Sagawa


Keiichi Sagawa

Our business growth is attributable to the effectiveness of our mid-term management policy, leading to an Adjusted EPS three-year CAGR of 15.5%. This was strongly supported by an increase in overseas sales, contributing 46% to the Group's ¥2,310.7bn Consolidated Revenue.

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How we support positive societal change -

SDGs Domino

Our management framework -

Sustainability Orbit

Corporate Values


Shogo Ikeuchi

“To continue being the service provider of choice in a rapidly changing world, we rely on our strong values. They ensure we maintain high ethical standards and nurture talent while embracing speed and agility.”
Shogo Ikeuchi Shogo Ikeuchi

Our Strategic Business Units

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Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in equality and fairness, which is why we are creating an environment in which people can excel as their unique selves at work.

Corporate Governance

Governance overview

Our Board of Directors are committed to providing corporate governance that helps the Group achieve stable long-term growth, while continually raising our corporate value and shareholder value.

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Board Director Interview

We believe that objective views and transparency strengthen our corporate governance structure. Which is why we have External Board Directors and External Audit and Supervisory Board members to support the Group's leaders.

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Our remuneration principles and policies are designed to raise our corporate and shareholder value. To ensure transparency and fairness, Remuneration is determined by Remuneration and Evaluation Committees chaired by External Board Directors.

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Risks and Opportunities

Interview with Chief Risk Officer, Hisayuki Idekoba

“In a rapidly changing industry, we believe it is important to take on serious challenges and find the opportunities inherent in various risks. This is especially true in the current age of stakeholder-centric business, sustainable value chains, machine learning and changes to labor markets worldwide.“

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Risk Management Activities

To successfully grow on a global scale, a solid foundation of risk management and compliance is essential. Our entrenched compliance initiatives and a robust Code of Ethics support this.

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Risk Factors

Learn about how we approach and mitigate risks to our ability to connect people with opportunities to life in our Risk and Opportunities overview.

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