Diversity & Inclusion

The key to our strength is our people

Recruit Group's diversity and inclusion

Ayano Senaha

Ayano Senaha

Corporate Executive Officer,
Corporate Planning, Sustainability, Public Relations, Human Resources

As a Group that aims to contribute to a brighter world where all individuals can live life to the fullest, I believe our source of strength is our people. Our diverse employees are fully committed to providing solutions to the wide range of challenges faced by customers and society at large. When each employee uses their potential to its full extent, respect and embrace each other's differences, we can capitalize upon our diversity, deepen our collaboration, and bring about unexpected innovations.

Therefore, creating an environment that allows people's full potential to blossom forms an important part of our competitive strategy, making Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) a crucial agenda. To this extent, we carry out various initiatives both in Japan and overseas. There have been improvements, especially regarding gender diversity, but we understand the need for further enhancements, and continue to reinforce our initiatives.

The commitment of the Board of Directors

Recruit Group President and CEO Masumi Minegishi participating in Family Day

Recruit Group President and CEO Masumi Minegishi participating in Family Day

At Recruit Group, the management team is committed to promoting D&I both among employees and within the Board of Directors. For instance in Japan, we enhance the development and successes of our female employees by monitoring the number of women appointed to managerial positions and discussing the results in the Business Strategy Meetings. In addition to this, our top management participate in events such as Family Day, where we deepen our understanding of D&I.

We are also committed to promote gender diversity in the Board of Directors. We are aware that its current composition is lacking in diversity from a gender perspective, and we have worked to improve the balance in composition. In response to this, the Board of Directors has created a policy of including at least one female candidate in the proposal for the appointment of Board Directors at the General Meeting of Shareholders by June 2021.