Diversity & Inclusion

The status of gender diversity globally

Ratio of Group employees globally by gender

We believe it is ideal that the ratio of male to female managers is equal to the ratio of male to female employees. Currently, the ratio of male to female employees across all SBUs globally is even. However, the ratio of males in managerial positions is higher than that of females, and rectifying this is a priority for the Group going forward. Further to this, we are also promoting gender diversity on the Board of Directors.

Figures shown are current as of April 2019, calculated from Recruit Holdings, SBU Headquarters, and primary operating companies of each SBU.
* All of those in managerial positions that have subordinates

D&I roadmap and progress in Japan

D&I roadmap and progress in Japan

The Group established a specialized organization in 2006 to promote D&I. As over 40% of our Group employees in Japan are female, we have prioritized supporting the work-life balance and success of our employees as the first step toward creating an environment where everyone can succeed.

The current D&I themes we have prioritized in Japan are: raising awareness in female employees; training for managerial positions; revamping working-styles to better support a work-life balance.

These themes were chosen with the purpose of supporting a balance between home life and work life, regardless of gender. We hope to create an environment where everyone, regardless of gender or demands on their time (such as caring for family or raising children), can succeed. As a result, we have brought about the following changes.

1. An increase in the work-life awareness of female employees

Our 2018 Diversity Survey, which had over 12,000 employee responses, demonstrated that 49.8% of female employees feel they are able to balance work and home life at our company. This is an improvement of from 31.1% in 2012.

2. An increase in working mothers

As a result of increasing our support for work-life balance, the number of working mothers has increased to 1,322 (23.2% of female employees, as of April 2019).

3. An increase in female managers taking maternity/childcare leave

As a result of the progress we have made in supporting a work-life balance, the number of female managers taking maternity/childcare leave has increased every year and is now 3.4 times what it was in 2013.

Ratio of female managers in our Group companies in Japan

* Figures through 2012 are for Recruit Co., Ltd., and figures for 2013 and thereafter are shown on a consolidated basis for ten Group companies in Japan, and Recruit Holdings. Figures for all eleven companies are as of April of each year.
* Executive manager by 2012 are those indicative of Corporate Executive Officer or above at Recruit Co., Ltd., while from 2013, the term is broadened to include Corporate Executive Officers at any of the Group companies in Japan*1 or positions with comparable authority at operating companies.
*1 Recruit Holdings, Recruit Career, Recruit Jobs, Staff Service Holdings, Recruit Staffing, Recruit Sumai Company, Recruit Marketing Partners, Recruit Lifestyle, Recruit Communications, Recruit, Recruit Technologies