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Chris Hyams CEO, Indeed

Chris Hyams

CEO, Indeed

Indeed's mission is to help people get jobs. After family and health, for most people a job is the most important thing in their life. This mission is what gets us up in the morning and what keeps us up at night. It grounds us in the incredible impact we have on society.

Indeed was founded in 2004 with two key principles, starting with the cornerstone of our mission: putting job seekers first in everything we do. In every decision about our products and our business, the question we ask is, "What's best for the job seeker?" This might sound obvious, but it's a revolutionary idea. We bring millions of jobs from all over the world into one place, and make it simple and fast for people to find the right opportunity.

The second principle of our business is delivering the most value to employers. Our core business model is pay-for-performance, which means that our incentives are aligned with our clients. If we deliver candidates, we get paid; if we don't, we don't get paid. This model ensures that our primary focus is on driving better results and more value. Indeed wows the world by putting job seekers first and delivering the most value to our clients. This combination offers a competitive advantage under a variety of market conditions. Over time, the job market will undoubtedly experience ups and downs in line with economic cycles. In more challenging times, we can offer job seekers greater choice, and at the same time offer employers a more efficient method of finding the right talent.

One of Indeed's greatest strengths is our employees. They are inspired to be part of a company that has a positive impact on society by helping millions of people around the world find jobs. Our pay-for-performance business model relies on continuous innovation to help job seekers find jobs better, and to help employers hire better. It's essential that our people are empowered to be innovative and entrepreneurial in their work. Diversity and inclusion is a key element of innovation, as the people we serve represent every demographic in the world. Indeed is for everyone, so the more diverse experience and thought we bring to the company, the better we are at identifying and solving new problems.

Being a part of Recruit Group has given us a strong competitive advantage. The Group has decades of operating experience in markets that have undergone significant transformations since the 1960s. This experience has provided insight into how to think about long-term sustainability and growth that few technology companies our age are likely to figure out on their own. We have also learned from Recruit Group's successful hands-off approach to M&A. Indeed has run autonomously with a consistent mission and focus, but with the added strength of the Group behind us. This is a technique that we have extended to the companies that we have successfully incorporated.

Overall, this is a very exciting time for Indeed. I look forward to continuing to scale our current business, while also leading innovation in new markets like the job placement industry, so we can positively impact the lives of even more people around the world.

Our stories: The Orange Chair

The Orange Chair

Putting job seekers first is a fundamental principle that has been with us from the start at Indeed. It's a philosophy that guides us in our work every day, and has become ingrained in our company culture. Several years ago, as our young company was growing rapidly, our CTO, Andrew Hudson, wanted to ensure that this idea remained front and center. To remind team members to always ask, "What's best for the job seeker" with every decision, he ordered an orange chair to be put in every meeting room, so the job seeker would always have a seat at the table. Since then, the orange chairs have kept us focused every day on putting job seekers first, and we've grown to help over 250 million unique visitors per month find jobs.

Sustainability at Indeed

Our activities to help promote a sustainable society

Earth day and the Go Green Initiative

Earth day and the Go Green Initiative

Earth day and the Go Green Initiative

Employees actively participate in the voluntary environmental initiatives "Earth day" and "Go Green." Activities include picking up garbage, planting trees to repopulate species, and promoting environmental awareness within the organization.

Supporting athletes' careers

Through an official partnership with the Irish Olympic team for Tokyo 2020, Indeed will collaborate with the Olympic Federation of Ireland Athletes' Commission and together create a program of workshops, mentoring, and job placements for athletes to help them manage their careers alongside their athletic endeavors and plan for their future professional lives.

Supporting athletes' careers

Supporting athletes' careers

Helping people facing challenges in finding employment

Through a partnership with the international nonprofit organization Goodwill, Indeed has committed to help one million job seekers who are facing challenges such as disabilities, having a criminal record, or undergoing difficult life transitions, to find employment by 2024. Indeed is doing this by offering online assessments and event management, and training tools to Goodwill job seekers.