Message from SBU Head
HR Technology

Simplifying the job search process with innovative technology

Isn't there a better way?

Hisayuki Idekoba

Head of HR Technology SBU

Recruit Group has been evolving its HR business since it was founded 59 years ago in order to meet the changing needs of the HR industry. What we have always considered important is to continue asking "Isn't there a better way?" One answer can be found in the HR Technology SBU, which uses technology to improve job search activities of individual users and recruiting activities of enterprise clients in a simple and efficient manner.

We made a full-scale entry into this field in 2012 with the acquisition of Indeed. Not so long ago, searching for a job was a burdensome process whereby job seekers had to use a wide variety of sources, including print media and online job boards, to try to find a job that met their needs. Founded in the US in 2004, Indeed uses aggregation technology to bring together job listings scattered across the Internet onto a single site, making the job search process much more efficient. We have made it easy and efficient for people to find and get jobs in more than 60 countries.

In addition, Glassdoor, acquired by Recruit Group in 2018, facilitates transparency in job searching by providing word-of-mouth information that helps people choose a job, including reviews of the work environment and information on salaries.

Indeed and Glassdoor are working towards a common goal of making it easier to help people get jobs, while helping employers recruit and hire talent. Utilizing each company's respective strengths, we are committed to achieving this goal.

Beyond online job advertising

Our core business of online job advertising has grown significantly over the last few years, and we will continue to expand our business on a global scale. At the same time, we will seek to expand into new markets beyond our existing online job advertising business.

For example, the recruitment market is significantly larger than online job advertising, and we see a huge opportunity to disrupt this market and deliver a better solution to job seekers and employers. Indeed Hire, first launched in 2016, is a product uniquely positioned to tackle this new opportunity. Designed to meet the needs of businesses that do not have the time to review hundreds of resumes, the service leverages our data and strength in machine learning to deal with many of the repetitive and manual steps involved in traditional job placement and search. The result is a pay-per-hire full-service recruiting agency that helps improve each step of the hiring process for everyone.

Expanding our services through M&A

We have also evolved our existing products and services through M&A. For example, through the acquisition of in 2017, we launched Indeed Assessments in 2018, which brings a comprehensive library of assessments to help employers screen candidates for their aptitude, cognitive abilities, and specific skills that fit their hiring needs. The ability to immediately identify the job seeker's skills has made it possible for individual users to find the jobs that suit them best, and for clients to quickly identify qualified candidates, significantly reducing the time and cost of hiring.

The HR industry continues to rapidly evolve. In particular, the pace of advancements in technologies such as machine learning is remarkable, and we are entering a genuinely exciting time for the industry. Our goal is to contribute to enriching people's lives by using innovative technologies to eliminate the challenges of job searching and recruitment, making these processes more efficient.

Taking advantage of the strengths of our Group, which has a history of turning every change in the industry into an opportunity, we will continue to innovate so that growth in the HR Technology SBU can help drive the growth of the entire Recruit Group.