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Client success story

AirPay supports small businesses near Mt. Fuji

Tatsuya Kijima / Yudai Hayashi

Tatsuya Kijima

Travel Sales Management Division, Regional Strategy Development, Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd.

Yudai Hayashi

Head of AirREGI Business Unit, Internet Business Development Division, Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd.

With Mt. Fuji being designated a World Heritage site, the city of Fujiyoshida is seeing a significant increase in tourists, including international visitors. However, very few of the local shops and hotels had accepted cashless payments, so we looked to address the fact that the city is not sufficiently equipped to meet the needs of consumers. With even more local revitalization plans in line for the future, AirPay is being introduced to more than 100 shops within the city, including shops on Mt. Fuji itself, and the entire region is moving towards accepting cashless payments, becoming able to better accommodate tourists. Tourists from overseas and mountain climbers do not carry much cash, so being able to accept credit cards and other payment methods to facilitate easy transactions ties directly into the revitalization efforts of the region. Shops that have begun accepting these payments have shared feedback such as, "It is so easy to operate even for a small shop like us," and "Our sales have increased thanks to the introduction of AirPay." In March of 2019, we entered into a comprehensive cooperation agreement with the city of Fujiyoshida for further local revitalization. We will take this initiative to other areas of Japan promoting cashless payments nationwide.