Message from SBU Head
Media & Solutions

Transforming ourselves through diversity

59 years of commitment to change

Yoshihiro Kitamura

Yoshihiro Kitamura

Head of Media & Solutions SBU

The Media & Solutions SBU has inherited and improved upon Recruit Group's core businesses while continuing to provide new values by tackling the challenges faced by individual users and enterprise clients. Our ability to change ourselves in response to the needs of the society and time in which we live is our strength, and it provides the foundations and infrastructure that support our SBU.

For example, when we started the online reservation service for our Beauty business in Marketing Solutions in 2007, there were less than 100 appointments booked per month through our online reservation platform. Now, over 300,000 salon appointments are booked online in a single day. More than a decade has passed and the business has continued to evolve: revenue for the Beauty business in FY2018 was 72 billion yen, an increase of 12.9% compared to the previous fiscal year, turning it into a sustained high-growth business.

Making appointments online is very common these days. If a service achieves widespread popularity, neither individual users nor enterprise clients are surprised by it or appreciate just how convenient it is compared to the past — it's just a given that these services exist. In this way, we are now planting as many seeds as possible so that in ten or twenty years, when we look back at today, we can say, "That was it! That was when we changed the game!" This is why continuous change and innovation is essential.

A place where unique talents gather

Currently, in the Media & Solutions SBU, we are transforming our advertising business, which has been our core business since the foundation of the Group, using technology such as SaaS solutions. Through this process we are maintaining the constant pursuit of evolution and trying new approaches to push ourselves to challenge the status quo. We believe that the attitude of humbly seeking improvements inspires us to find better ways of doing things, which ultimately delivers more value to the world.

Within the Media & Solutions SBU, our people are a core strength. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and everyone has different areas of experience and capabilities. Here, these many unique talents are gathered in a single place. Sometimes, former employees return to the company or become involved in our business in a new way — both things that we welcome. The breadth of diversity of our employees is reflected in the results of our internal survey. Their unique talents complement each other, resulting in new ideas and new value. It is crucial that we provide a supportive environment for our people to generate ideas, which is how we can create new value.

The evolution of technology and the strengthening of governance

While helping fuel our transformation, the evolution of technology brings new risks. Consequently, we recognize that it is essential to manage these appropriately. In particular, to maintain a sustainable business, the protection of personal information and cybersecurity, as well as other aspects of risk management, are critical. For this reason, the entire Media & Solutions SBU is strengthening governance in a way that supersedes organizational divisions.
We consider the evolution of technology to be an inescapable force, similar to gravity. Going against it is difficult, and if we are to realize a better world, we must embrace it. We are committed to pushing forward with our transformation, making full use of the latest tools available to us, while always keeping the extreme importance of risk management and compliance in mind.