Message from SBU Head

Creating a smart and agile organization to contribute to society

Rob Zandbergen

Rob Zandbergen

Head of Staffing SBU

The Staffing SBU is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of both job seekers and employers through leveraging decades of experience of relationship building.

Investment in our employees and productivity improvements are key factors in delivering outstanding services for our agency workers on assignments and enterprise clients. We will continue to improve upon our commercial and operational excellence and are committed to delivering meaningful added value to our stakeholders and society in order to meet their changing needs and expectations.

Our operational priority — productivity improvement — will be realized through the leveraging of our strong local market positions with a clear focus on value over volume, driven by our Unit Management philosophy. This applies not only to our existing products and services, but also will help guide us as we work to establish new revenue streams. This strategy, together with our empowered employees, will strengthen our competitiveness while supporting the transformation of the Staffing SBU into an agile, technology-driven business to meet job seekers' and enterprise clients' needs and to have an increasingly meaningful impact on them.

Our focus within our global network is to add value to society. This is also at the heart of our business as we aim to provide opportunities to people from all walks of life by finding a workplace where they are safe, happy, rewarded, trained, and developed. In line with this, we consider respecting and advancing human rights an essential part of our daily business.

Being aware of our responsibility, we take a proactive approach to supporting and respecting the prosperity of people and the protection of their rights, independent of race, gender, religion, social status, or any other characteristic, within the context of our activities and operations.

With our position, we have the opportunity to provide a meaningful impact upon the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who currently face barriers to employment, and by extension, their families and communities. Within our staffing business, we also have many initiatives that help improve the lives of people who face barriers that leave them at a distance from employment. Examples include activities and projects to support immigrant populations, people with disabilities, veterans, and minority groups in finding jobs.

With this approach, our Staffing SBU is strategically positioned to deliver upon its commitment to society, while maintaining sustainable growth in the years ahead.

Strategy execution within the Unit Management System

A crucial element in the success of the Staffing SBU, whose business spans many countries and regions, is the localization of products and services to fit the needs of individual markets. To do this, we have introduced the Unit Management System, a style of management that provides individual businesses with the flexibility to make decisions based on their deep knowledge of local client need and market situation.

The Unit Management System divides an organization into small units based on differences in the markets they serve. Each unit is regarded as if they are a standalone company and the Unit Manager is given authority to make decisions. This arrangement allows each unit to devise and execute actions to implement our strategic priorities effectively for each market, with the aim of maximizing their local profits.

This system is designed to enhance the sense of ownership by the person responsible for each unit by giving discretion to promote higher-quality decision making.

In addition, common challenges and solutions in global markets are categorized and shared within SBUs in order to align each unit's strategy to our overall strategy quickly and simply, and to maximize each unit's ability to create value for their clients.

As each unit implements this process, productivity and profitability will improve and contribute to productivity improvements for the entire SBU.

Unit Management System

Unit Manager