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Our people are the "Plus" in Secretary Plus
USG People Belgium's "Secretary Plus" Brand

secretary plus

Among the many staffing services provided by our group company USG People
Belgium, the "Secretary Plus" brand, which specializes in management support staffing, delivers exceptional profitability and has one of the highest conversion ratios (EBITDA divided by gross profit) in the Staffing SBU. In the staffing industry, competition for highly skilled clerical talent is intensifying. In response to this, Secretary Plus Belgium has established a clear differentiating brand strategy as well as a detailed follow-up system to support agency workers. This has led to high satisfaction rates among both agency workers and enterprise clients. Linda Cappelle, the company's CEO, said "Secretary Plus' 'Plus' points to the high level of added value that our people bring. The professionalism of our staff and the enthusiasm of each employee who supports them are key factors in our business growth, and strong teamwork is the very foundation of our success."